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Comment We all know what's really going on... (Score 1) 223

The LHC was activated successfully and they run it every night, replicating the conditions of the big bang. The big news they are not telling us is that when they open that rift in time and space, something calling itself "god" is in communication with them. The "oh, it doesn't work" story is just a cover.

(yes, I read Blasphemy by Douglas Preston)

Comment Will eventually switch from NVidia to ATI (Score 1) 307

I am a Linux user who also likes to play 3D games, so it's been nvidia only for me for a long time. Now that we will hopefully start seeing some good open source 3D drivers coming out for ATI, I am definitely switching! I just hope nvidia realizes this and follows. So many times after a system software or kernel upgrade, poof, the closed nvidia driver stops working... causing me to have to CTRL-ALT-F1 to a root shell and modify xorg.conf just so I can get into X11 again to be able to fetch the newest driver. What a pain. Having open source 3D drivers for both would be awesome and a complete win for the Linux community.

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