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Comment Re:Why did Assange want to move to Sweden? (Score 1) 452

Sweden has stronger protections for free-speech than his other options for residency. Look at The Pirate Bay - if it were in the U.S. or Russia or UK it would've been taken down long ago.

I don't agree with this. The case of The Pirate Bay merely shows that Hollywood's lobby wasn't strong enough at a given moment and that the establishment had more important voices to censor or silence.

Do you think you have full freedom of speech in Sweden? Try criticizing the current immigration policies, for instance, and you will be immediately labeled as "racist", never mind if your critique has nothing to do with somebody's skin color.

I refuse to believe in any fine gradations of freedom of speech. If you are free to speak whatever you want, but only as long as you don't offend somebody or make them feel uncomfortable, then you are not free to speak. You either have freedom of speech or you don't.

(Full disclosure: I'm also a resident of Sweden.)

Comment Re:Without specifics, I think we should be wary... (Score 1) 452

in sweden the laws are such that if a woman removes her consent of sex during intercourse you must stop. It is a he said she said rule. but the law favors the woman.

This is not even the only Swedish law which favors women. For instance, prostitution is outlawed over here, but in such manner that it is a criminal offense for a man to buy sexual services but not for a woman to sell them (I don't know how are the cases of homosexual prostitution, either male-male or female-female, handled.) The law axiomatically defines a woman as a victim.

The Swedish law, while aiming to be "progressive", is actually extremely sexist and hypocritical. Such bigotry extends to other spheres of the society such as labor, but that is out of scope of this discussion.

Comment Re:10 year old laptop? (Score 1) 352

10 years of data on the laptop - are they implying that said stolen laptop was 10 years old? And thief bothered, not only to steal it but also boot it up? Sweden is scary sometimes.

Yes, Sweden is really scary sometimes. Not because of the crime rates, or collapsing welfare state, or government-controlled politically correct media, or systhematic wiretapping, but, of all things - an old professor who is not a computer geek not taking backups of his data! Only on Slashdot. Brilliant.

Comment Re:Sounds risky to me (Score 1) 352

Contacting your victim sounds risky to me. Could report you to the police. Then the cops can put your fingerprints in some database. Then they can maybe trace the mail you sent, and start asking your neighbors about people who would fit the profile for doing this. (20s-30s, white, Swedish)

Ever been to any major city of Sweden, such as Stockholm or god forbid Malmö? The likehood that this crime has been committed by a 20s-30s white Svensson is extremely low. They will call me racist if I tell more (hint).

Comment Re:Backups? (Score 1) 352

Why is this professor, who values his 10 years of digital work, keeping all his eggs in one basket? That guy should be regularly backing up data that is irreplaceable. Theft, loss, hardware failure or even operator error could all lead to a devastating loss.

It has been said that he is a university professor, not necessarily a computer nerd.

Comment Re:This behavior isn't unusual (Score 1) 352

More often than not, if a thief has the chance to steal some money but not all the money, they will leave some of it there.

And if an assassin has the chance to murder his mark quickly and painlessly, he will do so rather than torturing her to death? Is that proof that murderers have a mixed conscience according to you?

Your relativisation of crime is disturbing and disgusting.

Comment Criminals must thank naive citizens and activists (Score 1) 545

I am so going to get -5 Troll for writing this, but I don't care. Chasing carma is not my sport, at least not by means of hypocrisy called "political correctness".

'The ultimate result could be lower crime rates, at a reduced cost'

Where is the evidence to this? As I already mentioned in a previous post on similar topic, gang leaders already successfully continue with their business even while incarcerated, and this retarded measure will only make their job even easier. Once again, the law-abiding citizens will end up looking as fools and criminals will be laughing in the face of their victims and the society as whole.

'and with considerably less inhumanity in the bargain.'

Why should humane treatment even be an issue, especially when we are talking about most ruthless and unrepentant criminals, such as rapists, gang leaders and assassins? When will the society finally realize and admit that certain individuals can only be stopped from committing further crimes by means of physical elimination?

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