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Comment Re:Saab cannot die! (Score 1) 438

It's GPL! If you like it that much, just fork it and the community will... wait, oh, I see. Sorry, never mind.

Now, applying some relatively recent trends in IT to the automotive industry might not be a bad idea at all, actually. :)

Comment Re:Near-Death Experience of Saab (Score 1) 438

Gad. I hated the Saabarus and what GM did.


Saab was badge-engineering well before GM got involved. They used Triumph Dolomite engines in the 99 and Ford V4 engines in the Sonatas, The Saab 600 was a Lancia Delta, and the 9000 a Fiat Croma/Type Four.

While it is true that Saab was badge-engineering before its GM era, let's put a couple of facts straight.

First of all, sharing engines is far from badge engineering. Badge engineering refers to the practice of selling otherwise identical cars under different badges. Apart from the Saab 600/Lancia Delta, Saab 9-2X and 9-7X, i cannot think of any other example. While the 9000 shares a lot of its DNA with Fiat Croma and Alfa Romeo 164, it is not the same car. The same goes for the current 9-3 and 9-3X.

There was certainly no Saab "Sonata", ever - I assume you meant Sonett. The Sonett never shared anything with any other make apart from the Ford V4 engine. The same goes for the 99 from the same period of time. Again, sharing engines is not badge engineering.

Apart from a few of the very early models, Saabs were, mechanically at least, generic eurocars.

And this is supposed to mean - what exactly? What is a "generic eurocar"?

Comment Re:Japan is different (Score 1) 54

This is very interesting and gives another dimension to the story. Indeed, cultural details should be taken into consideration before deploying such a service world wide.

Perhaps I shouldn't have called detractors of Google Street View "mental midgets", but I had heard much more stupid stories on this topic in the past, so therefore my reaction.


Submission + - Finnish Politician Convicted of Blasphemy

An anonymous reader writes: Finnish politician Jussi Halla-aho was today sentenced to fines after posting blasphemous comments on his blog. A more extensive summary is available, but in short he used Islam's child brides as an extreme example of offensive free speech. Mr. Halla-aho is widely condemned as a racist, because he believes many refugees are bringing their dangerous traditions with them rather than legitimately freeing oppression. While searching for more information, I also found this disturbing article about multiculturalism in Finland.

Submission + - Andromeda absorbs its neighbour. We're next. ( 2

Scientific Ninja writes: "Astronomers in the University of Sydney have captured pictures of a 'union' between our closest neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda, and its smaller neighbour, the Triangulum Galaxy. Published in the journal Nature on 3 September 2009, the research shows how large galaxies grow by incorporating stars from surrounding smaller galaxies. This popular model of galaxy evolution, called the 'hierarchical model', predicts that large galaxies such as Andromeda, which can be seen with the naked eye from the northern hemisphere, should be surrounded by relics of smaller galaxies it has connected with."

Submission + - Can Ares 1 be saved? (

MarkWhittington writes: "The Augustine Committee has not officially presented its findings to the White House, but already a push back is starting to occur over the possibility that the Ares 1 rocket will be canceled after three billion dollars and over four years of development. According to a story in the Orlando Sentinel contractors involved in the development of the Ares 1 have started a quiet, but persistent public relations campaign to save the Ares 1, criticized in some quarters because of cost and technical problems"

Submission + - The Case Against Apple

Hugh Pickens writes: "Last month Jason Calacanis, CEO of Mahalo, wrote that Apple's anti-competitve behavior and closed platform on the iPhone is setting the stage for the fight for the next desktop: the mobile desktop and if Apple wins the fight it will set the industry back decades. Calacanis highlighted five reasons that Apple is an "anti-competitive monster": It doesn't make iTunes or iPod compatible with other Mp3 players, highlighting what Calacanis called its "inexcusable lack of openness"; it locks iPhone users into AT&T as a carrier; it makes iPhone developers go through an "unclear" approval process; it blocks other browsers from being installed on the iPhone; and it blocks applications like Google Voice from iPhones. The WSJ reports that Calacanis debated former Apple marketing executive Guy Kawasaki at Startup2startup, a monthly event for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors and Calacanis made the case that the iPhone is not a phone, it's a computer and "the application layer on a computer should not be controlled by anybody." Kawasaki responded that he may not agree with the approval process for iPhone apps, but that doesn't mean Apple is evil and instead merely shows that the company is successful at its business. Calacanis argued that the more open technology is, the more everyone benefits. "Everyone has benefited from the open Internet. The open Internet is the reason why all these VCs will invest in your companies," said Calacanis adding that "I think there should be an iPhone bill of rights.""

Comment Re:Examples? (Score 1) 54

the google car is no worse then a pair of eyes walking down the street or one of the millions of camera's around the place.

Exactly! And for everybody half-reasonable, this is the beginning and the end of the whole story about Google Street View "invading privacy".

Right on. Because somebody walking down the street is the same as making lasting pictures and publishing on the internet.

Any ordinary citizen can do exactly the same thing -- take a picture of somebody making an ass of himself in public and make fun of him online later on. How is that exactly different?

The only practical difference I can see is that legally pursuing a corporation will bring you publicity, while taking Flickr user John Doe to court will not.

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