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Comment Re:All minor parties are teaming together (Score 1) 162

Not all countries have hilariously huge beaurcracies of elected officials. In this case the article is about Australia.

Here we vote for senate and the house. The prime minister is chosen by the party which controlls the house. Cabinet positions such as treasurer and AG are chosen by the prime minister and confirmed by the governer general.

Local officials, controllers, and judges are apolitical positions and not voted on.

Propositions and measure are "yes/no", not a ranking of positions.

You can make your own (or print one from a party's website) "how to vote" card before you go to the poll, and then fill in your ballot to match. Or you can decide when you get there.

It takes under 5 minutes to vote for everything in total, not 5 minutes per vote.

Comment Below the line (Score 4, Informative) 162

Anyone who is actually voting for wikileaks will likely be well informed and voting below the line anyways.

For those not familiar with australian voting, we have preferential instant runoff first past the pole voting.

You can either vote "above the line," where you select ONE party, and that party decides how your preferences fall if they don't win a seat, or you can vote "below the line," where you number individual candidates "1, 2, 3.....".

Comment Re:Lighting on ships... (Score 3, Insightful) 240


So people in third world countries should just save up for 15 years to buy a commercial lighting system?

This isn't about commercial use in wealthy areas, it's about giving light to the various areas in the world with "shack cities", where a few thousand people just shove up tin roofs and live in close proximity.

It is both novel and beneficial to those people.

Please think before you spew.

Comment Re:Victim Card (Score 1) 1501

Do you REALLY not understand the difference between yelling at someone in person, which includes the threat of physical altercation even if no DIRECT verbal threats are made simply due to presence, and a nasty email dressing someone down?

If you stand at my front door and shout obsenities at me while refusing to leave then it's assault in most jurisdictions. Doing the same in an indirect manner, even over the phone, isn't.

Comment Re:You're testing wrong (Score 2) 177

That's not QUITE how debouncing works, depending on the circumstances. Debouncing is more of a "sticky" state change than a delayed state change.

If you're not pressing a key, and haven't been for a few mS, and then press it, the state change is registered instantly. Debounce then keeps you from "unpressing" the key until XYZ mS have passed to filter out stray switch glitches.

As long as you're not trying to press a key on and off faster than the debounce time it's not actually slowing down your response time. That initial press, and letting go of a key you've held more than "X" mS, will always be "instant".

So a debounce doesn't work like a capacitor, smoothing out the signal, it acts more like a triggered latching circuit.

Comment Re:the return of the Start button (Score 4, Informative) 505

Things that have improved:
-the dialog has an expanded mode which shows a real time copy speed graph
-the time estimates are based on total transfer history as opposed to instantanious speed
-conflicts have more/better/safer options (replace all, replace if newer, etc)
-copies to the same destination are grouped together even if you drag and drop a few different times

That's all from the top of my head.

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