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Comment Re:the return of the Start button (Score 4, Informative) 505

Things that have improved:
-the dialog has an expanded mode which shows a real time copy speed graph
-the time estimates are based on total transfer history as opposed to instantanious speed
-conflicts have more/better/safer options (replace all, replace if newer, etc)
-copies to the same destination are grouped together even if you drag and drop a few different times

That's all from the top of my head.

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 2) 611

I had not yet seen MajorNelson's reply, as I avoid the reddit gaming forums entirely (the homebrewing forum is awesome though!) and don't have access to dedicated gaming sites from work. It appears it was only posted 1 day ago (I'm in Australia, already through Monday here).

I didn't have facts, but I had statements from the company. The twitter statement is the last thing I'd seen stated by actual MS employees. I wasn't making things up, ignoring "facts," nor anything else you accused me of.

How is anyone invested in the PS4 ecosystem when it's out yet? Or you just mean emotionally?

I think that there are a lot of mistakes in the xbox one DRM, and hopefully they'll be fixing them. I won't buy one until they get fixed, but I don't care if you do or not!

What I want changed:

-daily checkins are fine, but only disable playing if it's been ~4 weeks since a successful checkin. Broadband outages happen, and that's exaclty when you want to churn through the latest RPG because you can't do your "normal" entertainment things.

-if I have a disk in my hand, I should be able to play that game single player offline, regardless of having a net connection/whether it's used or new/etc.

-If this system is all about advantages, I should be able to lend a game to anyone "digitally" without cost nor effort. "lend game to Jimmy for 30 days" and it disables the license on my xbox. After 30 days it reverts back, and I can continue lending it or not. I am fine if I cannot play the game while it's "lent".

-Allow resale on market terms. Make it like the apple store, though, and take 30% of the resale price (10% to MS, 20% to publisher?) rather than setting prices and disallowing some games to be resold. They've REALLY missed the boat on that one, as they could have an internal "ebay" like system where you list used games for sale. EVERYONE wins under that scenario.

-GUARANTEE ALL DIGITAL DELIVERY GAMES WILL WORK ON FUTURE "xbox" CONSOLES. This is a big one. I'm annoyed that my XBLA games (we have >$500 invested in them) will not work on xbox one. Require "arcade"/casual games to be written in dotnet with no assembly, or require publishers to provide source code escrow. I don't care if they cost more to accomplish this.

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 2) 611

To quote you:

"Please stop making up shit"

I was not making up shit. I had a referenced reply which directly stated what I was claiming.

A marketing droid (who has an awesome podcast) stated the opposite in your video. You ask "who would more likely know the details". I'll ask "who would more likely lie and throw spin as opposed to accidentally revealing corporate policy". Major Nelson has constantly been "wrong" about many things in the past pertaining to xbox live features and releases.

How is my comment about differences between steam and xbox one a "witch hunt" ? Who am I hunting?

"You just want to hate on the Xbox and are willing to deny facts for that."

We are both going on conflicting statements made by the same company. I am not denying facts, NEITHER of us have facts as the system has not been released. We both had statements made by the company.

I don't "hate on" the xbox, I owned the xbox classic and the 360, and am a HUGE forza fan.

You have some sort of problem with open discussion, which is fine, but don't go attacking others shouting "FACTS FACTS!" when neither of us have facts, and mine were in reaction to a scoffing remark implying that steam had the same restrictions as the xbox one, which it doesn't.

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 0, Troll) 611

After you buy a game on steam you don't ever have to connect to the internet again.

If you load a game on a laptop and take it with you on vacation you can play the games.

If your internet goes out for a week you can play the games.

If you troll the forums and get your account banned you can play the games (just not online MP). (With the xbone, if your live account is banned you lose access to all of your games, even singleplayer)

So I'm not certain what your point was, perhaps you can elaborate?

Comment Re:G'DAY MATE (Score 4, Informative) 231

Foster's group has 45% share, not the beer called "Foster's", which is actually quite hard to find inside of Australia.

Given they're owned by SABMiller, you should really argue that "miller" is the bestselling beer in Australia if you're going to say that the owner == the brand (which is obviously incorrect).

Foster's commercials are not shown in Australia.'s_Group#Beers_and_Breweries

Most important in that list are VB (probably the best selling beer in Australia), Cascade, Matilda Bay, and Carlton.

Comment Re:Responding to you "Wizzard" list (Score 1) 251

This is not for home users, it's for corporate environments. You've obviously never managed one (successfully) if you're asking things like "why should people in finance NOT BE ABLE to run a debugger".

Windows can map your "home" directory to a network share just as easily as linux can. That had nothing to do with what I said about user control.

How does DHCP control where your home network share is, and auto-change it when you move offices permanently? If you're in Dallas, and move to LA, you'd want your default network storage server moved to one in LA.

If accounting buys 3 new computers, with linux how do you install all of the software that accounting needs? In a windows network you simply add those machines to a group, and next reboot the entire list of software attached to that group gets auto-installed.

If you don't want people in HR to be able to log onto your web servers, while still using 100% network based logins and not local accounts, how do you manage that in a large way (hundreds/thousands of servers) in linux?

I know how to do this in Linux, and it is not as easy as in Windows. As I said, it requires custom work that is not standardised and relies on ad-hoc techniques.

Comment Re:Commercial drivers are already limited to 0.02 (Score 1) 996

The summary was wrong, as was the first article.

"generally speaking, a 180-pound man could consume four beers or glasses of wine in 90 minutes without reaching the current limit. At a limit of 0.05 percent, he could legally consume only three. "

"A 130-pound woman could probably consume three drinks in 90 minutes and be legal under the existing standard; if the limit were lowered, she could consume only two. "

And even that is a downward estimate, without eating anything, etc.

Comment Re:Only $280k? (Score 4, Interesting) 251

When people say AD they don't mean the LDAP part with centralised user accounts. That's been doable for ages.

When windows admins talk about AD, they are talking about all of the things that you can do with group policy and how those policies apply to different containers in a hierchical or cross cutting way, depending on configuration.

With AD and GPO you can:
-choose who has access to which desktops or servers and at what level in a granular or structured way (web admins have admin on web boxes but not mail servers, etc)
-choose what machines have what software installed and in what way
-set things like storage quotas (mailbox or otherwise) depending on a user's position/job
-delegate a login server and storage cache depending on a user's physical location
-enable and disable OS features (developers get IIS and debugging, people in finance don't)
-configure access to shared mailboxes/other resources

So if Jim moves from finance to web development, you drag and drop is user into another OU and add him to 5-10 groups on the AD server. Next time he logs on his access levels, what software is installed, what mail he has access to, his quotas, etc all change instantly.

This CAN be hacked together with a bunch of scripts, a custom repository, NIS/openLDAP, and some other stuff in Linux, but it's not well documented, well supported, or something you can ask ANY linux admin to do and they will do it in the same way.

Comment Re:Equal rights (Score 1) 832

I am not saying I feel this way (I don't), but you could easily argue that it's not unequal treatment unless a man who has a baby is refused the 16 weeks of leave, or if a female partner in a gay couple (legally married in a state recognizing gay marriage) was given 16 weeks when her partner (not her) gives birth.

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