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Comment Re:Nothing to predict (Score 2) 213

Maybe instead of the random errant 'nuts' that you describe we should all take a personal responsibility and march on Washington and force our elected officials out of office for not working as agents of the people and therefore violating the entire purpose of their postings.

Do you need to force them? Every four years there's a great opportunity to really change things, and that's just at a head-of-government level - I don't know anything about how Senators or Congressmen are voted in (I'm Australian), but it seems like the ballot box is a good place to start.

It seems (from reading /. and other sites) that even seriously committed Democrats aren't happy with how the last "Change" you were promised worked out. The two party option seems to be killing you guys. Get some independents in there.

To an outsider it just looks like there's no difference at all between the parties, and that everything is set up to try to force people to think "well if I don't vote [Republican|Democrat], then those damn [Democrats|Republicans] will get in!"

Comment Re:Victim Card (Score 1) 1501

Do you REALLY not understand the difference between yelling at someone in person, which includes the threat of physical altercation even if no DIRECT verbal threats are made simply due to presence, and a nasty email dressing someone down?

If you stand at my front door and shout obsenities at me while refusing to leave then it's assault in most jurisdictions. Doing the same in an indirect manner, even over the phone, isn't.

Comment Re:You're testing wrong (Score 2) 177

That's not QUITE how debouncing works, depending on the circumstances. Debouncing is more of a "sticky" state change than a delayed state change.

If you're not pressing a key, and haven't been for a few mS, and then press it, the state change is registered instantly. Debounce then keeps you from "unpressing" the key until XYZ mS have passed to filter out stray switch glitches.

As long as you're not trying to press a key on and off faster than the debounce time it's not actually slowing down your response time. That initial press, and letting go of a key you've held more than "X" mS, will always be "instant".

So a debounce doesn't work like a capacitor, smoothing out the signal, it acts more like a triggered latching circuit.

Comment Re:Never? (Score 1) 126

Fwiw I know heaps of people here in Australia that have never bought from Amazon; as you speculate the shipping costs remove a lot of the benefits for the casual item. Because of often hyperinflated costs here though it's still sometimes cheaper to pay the huge shipping costs, but most people I know don't bother or end up shopping an an alternative store.

I buy all my books from Book Depository (which iirc is now owned by Amazon, so that may count :) because they she from the UK and somehow have no shipping charges.

Comment Re:When the shift hits the fan. (Score 1) 298

(Though really, buying them through Amazon instead of direct from Baen is silly - Baen gives you your books in Kindle's .mobi, Nook/everyone else's epub, EBookwise, Microsoft .LIT, Sony Digital Reader, HTML, and as a .rtf file.)

I've bought a bunch of books from Baen - Baen are the only place I've found that I can access easily from Australia that simply will just sell me a .epub file that I download and put wherever I want.

I would love to buy more, but they simply don't have the range.

Submission + - New Study Fails to Show that Violent Video Games Diminishes Prosocial Behaviour (

trawg writes: A new Australian study on the effect of violent video games on Australia has just been published, failing to find any evidence that playing video games affects prosocial behaviour. The study compared groups who played different types of games, including notably violent titles like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, as well as non-violent titles like Portal, comparing their behavioral response through a simple pen-drop experiment. In a follow-up interview, the researcher noted his perspective on how violence might affect people has changed since he started the research:

I’ve played video games for most of my life and got into this research because I couldn’t believe that violent video games could make me do something I didn’t want to do, that is, be aggressive. My attitude has changed somewhat. These days I find it totally plausible that violent video games could influence people’s behavior, but the real question is whether their influence is harmful, and I’m not yet convinced of that.

Comment /. editors seduced by the Dark Side (Score 1) 279

Following the link to TFA, I find myself reading a few pages on some nobody's personal blog, where he fan-wanks off in some general what-if idle speculation.

And the esteemed /. editors bought this whole load of some fanboy's idle speculation, hook, line, and sinker, thinking it was real news, straight from Lucas's horse's mouth.


Comment Re:So what was it? (Score 1) 621

Citation? I'm not sure that Spain and Italy were accused, but I know that at least so far Portugal and France have not denied the accusations. They refuse to comment on the matter.

The BBC are reporting that "Bolivia accused France, Italy, Spain and Portugal", and that the French foreign ministry has now issued a statement.

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