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Comment Size doesn't matter... when it comes to brains. (Score 2, Interesting) 568 This has been proven over and over that size doesn't relate to smarts. An elephant's brain is just over 3 times larger than ours and yet I didn't see any elephants walk on the moon or develop great civilizations.

Comment I would plead not guilty. (Score 1) 1127

Then I would say that my hard drive way *pick any size and model that is different than they one they confiscated* and tell they I tossed that drive when it died. I was in the process of saving my money to get a new hard drive. I'm not lawyer but I'm sure this would cause enough confusion that we could work with. Well ok I know this doesn't have much of a chance of working so why not have a little fun in the court room if you're going to jail anyway.

Submission + - SNES PowerPak Materializes (

orsty3001 writes: Remember the PowerPak — that wondrous device from RetroZone that allowed you to cram every NES game ever made into one cartridge? Well, two years later, RetroZone has released its follow-up, the SNES PowerPak for the Super NES.

Well, they’ve kinda released it. Sales appear to temporarily be on hold in order to “investigate system compatibility,” according to the RetroZone website.

Comment The last time I had this problem... (Score 5, Interesting) 932

I had an old man that had trouble using computers, always getting viruses and what not. I installed Ubuntu to head off a lot of these problem but he refused to use it. He wouldn't even let it boot all the way up. He saw the splash screen and just turned it off. Next thing I know I got a request to appear in court in the mail and had to defend my actions to a judge that was just as ignorant of computers. I actually lost the law suit but was able to get the court to agree that my punishment was going to be to set the machine back like it was. In my book that's not a loss. It's what I wanted to do from the start if he didn't like it. After that I refuse to do anything for anyone that isn't paying me. No more favors, if any friends, neighbors or family want their computers fixed they can take it to a shop and pay to have it fixed. Something a lot of computer techs need to learn to do. When someone asks of you can fix their problem recite, "I really don't know that much about computers." I say this in the mirror from time to time.

Comment Re:Oh, great... (Score 1) 219

Sometimes Slashdot is the next best thing to a bot net. The next story will pop up and the traffic will drop. Also I've gotten tons of these letters and never have they followed through on their threat. You'll probably see this fade away once they realize how silly it is. I've noticed that you see large companies do this and to me it's almost like there is so little going on in the legal department if Joe Lawyer doesn't come up with something fast, he'll find himself facing the "Bobs" and trying to explain why he's here and what he does.

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