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Comment Re:Very similar to Letters to the Editor (Score 2, Insightful) 198

I don't think people should be labeled as trolls simply for having a conflicting opinion. It's when they decided to voice that opinion like an asshole that they become a troll, or even completely drop the discussion and go out of their way to try and derail the discussion by posting crap like the Yoda doll or whatever it is the trolls are spamming these days.

Comment Usually (Score 1) 522

I generally don't have a problem with CAPTCHAs, as it has gotten to the point where it is now rare to sign up to anything on the web and not encounter a CAPTCHA, and generally they're easy enough to get past so I just don't find them a big deal.

However, when I do have a problem with CAPTCHAs is when they're ridiculously hard to pass because they're so horribly obfuscated. For example the CAPTCHA that MegaUpload currently use. I cannot for the life of me successfully get past it, and have yet to succeed a single time, and so have sworn off using their website anymore because it is just too much of a hassle.

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