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Comment Re:Nepomuk? (Score 1) 184

Semantic desktop. It is ahead of it's time, for sure. I personally love the akonadi/nepomuk/indexer stuff. It's taken a while to get there, but its awesome. Anecdotally, Microsoft have been trying to do the very same thing with their WinFS filesystem since Vista was a twinkle in their eye - but have so far failed to do much with it. KDE on the other hand has really gotten somewhere - thanks to the EU. ;)

Comment Re:Left KDE Because of Nepomuk and Semantic Deskto (Score 1) 184

I run KDE on my work laptop. Have had the machine turned on without a reboot for over 6 months now and haven't experienced any rogue processes or major memory leaks. I'm about to do some kernel updates though, so here comes a reboot! =)

My point is that your experience is not mine - nor many others.

Comment Re:I want a Linux phone... (Score 1) 93

Carrier control.

Have you ever noticed how your carrier has a host of crappy half-made services for video, music and other entertainment but it never really catches on because of the alternatives? With Ubuntu Phone, the carriers can have their services front and center as the point where users get their movies, music, magazines, etc. This is a big selling point for any carrier that has been trying to get in the software game.

Comment Re:Really Anonymous? (Score 1) 252

Obviously just a bit of a joke. It may be a clue as to some of the contents - but this isn't what they did by any stretch. Firstly, you cannot pipe stuff into an aes256 extension and magically have it encrypted. Secondly, no cracker worth their salt "rm -rf /"'s a server until they've made sure that the regular backups have been corrupted. Third, why would you pipe into a file and then remove it if successful with the very next command?

Comment Re:What if same news but fired from Chinese army? (Score 1) 338

That's true. A large majority of people would fear this weapon in Chinese hands as they've been trumped up as a threat by Western media. However, Germany currently experiences far less corruption in its leading political bodies than does China right now - that counts for something - something quite important, actually.

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