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Comment Re:Really Anonymous? (Score 1) 252

Obviously just a bit of a joke. It may be a clue as to some of the contents - but this isn't what they did by any stretch. Firstly, you cannot pipe stuff into an aes256 extension and magically have it encrypted. Secondly, no cracker worth their salt "rm -rf /"'s a server until they've made sure that the regular backups have been corrupted. Third, why would you pipe into a file and then remove it if successful with the very next command?

Comment Re:What if same news but fired from Chinese army? (Score 1) 338

That's true. A large majority of people would fear this weapon in Chinese hands as they've been trumped up as a threat by Western media. However, Germany currently experiences far less corruption in its leading political bodies than does China right now - that counts for something - something quite important, actually.

Comment Re:Two words: (Score 1) 275

Or, he could be building a body of evidence to get himself remitted in court on the basis of being 'mentally insane'. Given his predicament, this is a very smart thing to do. Just have a look at Christopher Skase. My friend was one of the QCs responsible for getting him charged in court, the stories he relates about Skase pretending to be mentally insane in the hearing and then everyone listening to him bark orders to his lawyers out the back are quite interesting.

Comment Re:windows 8 (Score 1) 248

Explain to me how you run your windows desktop apps on your WP8 phone. That's right, you don't and you can't.

However, you can use your Ubuntu Phone to do all your 'smartphone' stuff, then dock the thing and use a full desktop environment with all your native desktop applications - that is something special.

Comment Re:Steve Balmer (Score 1) 791

I remember when he first replaced Bill Gates at the head of the company, he cited that it was time for the company to "grow up" and become mature. He's done that, in a sense. What he did was "hedge all bets and manipulate sales". Fast forward to 2013 and the company has grown stagnate and soft. The only innovation coming from Microsoft is from their research division, but so precious little of that makes it into their products.

Comment Re:Windows 8 blows (Score 1) 791

More and more AAA titles are indeed built with OpenGL support. It also helps that the major development environments for games (for example, Unity) work directly with OpenGL and DirectX. The advent of smartphones and smartphone games has lead to a resurgence in OpenGL dev as well. I think you'll find that the future of DirectX is limited.

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