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Comment Re:36% Zilch? (at the time of the post) (Score 1) 596

Sorry but I can't find any reason to give the money that I have earned with my work to other people

I've seen well founded families go to bankrupt in less than a year, I'm saving every freaking euro I earn just in case I get fired or something happens.

If I had won an obnoxious amount of money in the lottery, sure, I'd donate a lot, but that's not the case and I'm a normal worker.

Comment Re:VAC (Score 1) 203

The lobby and matchmaking service is pretty nice, allowing you to form a party and then look for games where you can play on the same team, a pity it doesn't work so well in practise. You're stuck with the problem that a large proportion of people leave as soon as they see several people bearing the same tag join the game meaning that you have to go through the matchmaking process several times. Then there's the more technical problem of the game sometimes leaving some players behind when the lobby joins or leaves a game.

Where is the need to all of you using the same tag?, just do as my friends and I do, use your usual nickname

When you actually get into a game, there's a small chance that the dynamically chosen "best" host will be terrible and have huge lag spikes. (This while we're all connected through the university JANET connection.) Eventually the game decides to migrate the host, everything stops, a new host is chosen and then the game continues. Then the host quits because his team is losing and we go the the "Choosing a new host" screen again, and again.

Which takes 5 seconds at most, YMMV, but in 40 hours of multiplayer gameplay, I had to leave the host TWICE because of having massive lag, and then, I was playing again in less than a minute

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 213

? I don't understand the last posts about SIMs being phone tied, because I have two phones (iPhone 3Gs and a Nokia N80) and one SIM card which I change between phones for weekends/trips etc etc

What's the point I'm missing?

Comment Re:Its justified price (Score 4, Insightful) 536

Yeah, Batman is a very nice game, I enjoyed it, but after 10 hours, I'm done with it and it offers no replayability (sorry spelling), on the other hand, other games (specially RTS or Tycoon series), cost 45$ and I would spend my entire life playing those if I could

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