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Comment Re:Outlook's icon is a clock (Score 1, Interesting) 233

If people were to use any of the KDE applications, there is a great all in one organizer application called Kontact which includes an e-mail client fully integrated into it. So yes, there are OpenSource e-mail `clients` with an appointment calendar. As for Exchange at work, I don't know of any good program that can tie into it, only replace it completely.

Comment Re:Surely not (Score 3, Interesting) 246

105. Subject matter of copyright: United States Government works Copyright protection under this title is not available for any work of the United States Government, but the United States Government is not precluded from receiving and holding copyrights transferred to it by assignment, bequest, or otherwise. It's not copyrighted.


Facebook Mafiosi Go To the Mattresses vs. Zynga 102

sympleko writes "Zynga has the lion's share of traffic in Facebook applications, and Mafia Wars is one of their most popular social games. Collapsing under the weight of over 26 million users, Zynga has been scrambling to thwart hard-core gamers who reverse-engineer URLs or script the game to optimize their enjoyment. Many of the workarounds have annoyed users who were accustomed to various game features, and even worse, the hastily-deployed changes have resulted in many players losing access to the game, in-game prizes, or statistics. Fed up with a software company seemingly bent on discouraging people from enjoying their product, a number of tagged players have organized a boycott of all Zynga games. The first 24-hour boycott on Sunday 12/13 resulted in an 11% decline in Daily Active Users, and an emergency thread on Zynga's forums (from which most of the flames were deleted). The current boycott, extending Wednesday through Sunday is being supported by a 428K strong Facebook group. At issue is the social contract between software companies and their devoted user base, as well as the nefarious tactics Zynga has used to raise cash."

Submission + - DHS to hire 1,000 cybersecurity experts (

Cyrus writes: "DHS Sectretary Janet Napolitano plans to hire 1,000 security experts over the next three years. "This new hiring authority will enable DHS to recruit the best cyber analysts, developers and engineers in the world to serve their country by leading the nationâ(TM)s defenses against cyber threats," Napolitano stated. The National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) "works collaboratively with public, private and international entities to protect and secure the nationâ(TM)s cyber assets. This broad mission gives the NCSD a pivotal role in providing cyber analysis, intrusion detection and warning, intrusion prevention, information sharing, vulnerability reduction, and incident response." Current job openings include two specialities: Program Analyst and IT Specialist. Time to punch up those resumes?"

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