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Comment Re:Did it really need 1 page? (Score 1) 316

Nah, I didn't really learn anything from that article, but I'm not too surprised. But there's still value in it by being a seed to /. to get all the contributed ideas and alternatives you see here.

Most times I read ./ just for the story links and disregard all the idiot responses. But on a story like this I figured I could get some useful pointers from the discussion, and I did.

Comment Re:Don't like man pages. (Score 1) 769

I find man pages to usually be concise, to the point, and extremely helpful. I hate it when I find there is no man page for a program for which I have a question. I remember when we got our first Unix Sytem 3 v7 system in the '80s. The entire sum of the documentation consisted of one binder of man pages, and one binder of troff-formatted documentation on things like flex, yacc, troff, etc. And it was sufficient for an intelligent neophyte (yours truly), but it certainly wouldn't be suitable for Grandma or my accountant.

Comment And when it's disrupted by war or economics or ... (Score 1) 492

The problem with mitigation techniques that rely upon some ongoing activity is that when it is disrupted for any reason, the accumulated upward pressure on temperature is still there which could have sudden, catastrophic effects. (Regardless of whether I'm conviced of the anthropogenic causes of climate change.)

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