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Comment Re:Not so important in the context of India (Score 1) 138

its not as bleak as you make it out to be. bribing is prevalent, it seems. but booth capturing is rare and there's a lot of noise if there's a hint of anything like that happening anywhere.

The prime ministerial candidate from the currently ruling party was caught doing exactly that.

incorrect. he was just looking at the machine and talking to polling officials. even this behavior is unacceptable but it's still far away from capturing the booth.

The voting machine could be watching you.

now you're just being paranoid. there is no way the EVM could be storing any info about the voter because there is no way to enter that info, no way to store it and no way to do anything with that hypothetical info once the vote is cast.

Submission + - Scientists create bacteria with expanded DNA code (firstpost.com)

perryizgr8 writes: Biologists have managed to create a bacteria with DNA made of the usual A-T, C-G plus an artificial third base pair, thus encoding more data in DNA.

"This shows that other solutions to storing information are possible and takes us closer to an expanded-DNA biology that will have many exciting applications — from new medicines to new kinds of nanotechnology," said Romesberg.

Comment Re:Could be worse (Score 1) 191

Giving lectures, on the other hand, is the most efficient way to learn.

this is truer than most people realize. i had a teacher who divided the syllabus into parts at the start of the semester, and gave each student one part to teach. everyone knew their parts well in time and had time to prepare. the portion i had to take up, i didn't even need to study for the final, just the other topics. i wonder how well my score could have been if i would have taught the whole syllabus.

Yet, no matter how you take your notes, attending lectures is the least efficient way to learn.

i don't know about this. many people don't attend lectures and get copies of notes from multiple people. then decipher those notes, and make their own notes. i tried it a couple of times (classes are boring!) and i feel this is the least efficient way to learn. people take notes for themselves. the notes are full of individual quirks, mnemonics, povs to look at a concept, etc. it's very tough to grasp the crux, and form your own understanding. in comparison, teachers usually present the topic as is, without much of an individual spin.

Comment Re:Battery Life (Score 1) 191

the s4 is such a nice piece of hardware, but they have burdened it with at least 15 redundant apps. why do i need two browsers, 2 music players, 2 email clients, 2 sms clients, 2 voice thingies, 2 notes, 2 galleries, 2 video players, 2 book readers, 2 app stores? i'm surprised it still works as well as it does. and no way to remove the crap. even microsoft doesn't include as much crap, and all of that is removable.
here, neither google, nor samsung is willing to back down. i like apps from both samsung and google, i can use both variants of the browser, for example. please one of you be the bigger person and let me remove your app!

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