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Comment Re:I'm so over these stupid shiny plastic discs (Score 2, Insightful) 170

Oh I get it, your so sick of moving from format to format, media to media, license to license that your ready to jump ship from Blu-ray to a subscription download service. Good on ya.

You'd be better off just keeping the old 'players' around and not jumping on every new bandwagon that rolls into town. You can still buy decent combined DVD/VHS players so its won't likely take up too much space on that front. I'm sure you've still got your 360 around and likely a PS3. So I don't see why you have to replace anything.

Comment Re:What's next? (Score 5, Interesting) 645

I admit I'd like to know more about the case - I've not found anywhere detailing what she was singing. But in this case your argument is flawed.

The woman had already had her radio taken away as the shop did not have a license to broadcast either CDs (which they had paid for) or Radio (which is already paid for - either by the BBCs 'cat all television license' or by advertising). This form of double payment is incredulous at best, in cases such as these where a claim is being made the business should pay extra to act as a proxy for a service designed to increase add revenue to the industry (Why is the music industry not paying private businesses to play the music in promotion?).

With nothing else to listen too the woman would sing while stacking the shelves. How is that going to encourage business in a local corner shop. I have no doubt she is an aweful singer. Second to that, how is this costing the music industry anything? What losses are they claiming back?

Comment Re:Maybe I'm missing something.. (Score 3, Interesting) 207

is MySQL really an alternative to Oracle?

I mean sure it 'technically' is. But someone likely to use MySQL isnt looking for such an enterprise product such as Oracle and people looking to spend their money on Oracle can't/wont settle for MySQL. I thought this was basically what the EU said anyway.

Comment Re:How is using so many VMs more efficient? (Score 5, Informative) 122

Its more than that.

Most machines run at around 10% of all possible utilisation. Often web servers will run at less than this. In a datacenter you have two options a) run hundreds of very slow cheap machines each running one instance of your webserver. b) consolidate lots of machines onto one powerful box and running it at 70-80% utilisation.

Option b) has the advantage that should a website get hit heavily (maybe because its been linked too on /.) then you still have the beefy hardware to cope with it. You will also find heating bills go down. You'll usually even get the costs of the hardware down as well.

If your still not convinced then look at the work by most VM software manufacturers who are making it so the VM can move around on physical hardware. Now if your hardware fails - the VM and OS does not. It just moves off somewhere else and continues to operate with little/no drop in performance or uptime.

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