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The Matrix

Journal Journal: Is This Thing On? 4

From: Christopher Jordan Dorner /7648

To: America

Subj: Last resort

Regarding CF# 07-004281
Christopher Dorner w/ Chief William Bratton

Christopher Dorner w/ Chief William Bratton

Comment Re:A lot of this BS is just Daniel Berg's fiction (Score 1) 266

Thanks. You are right. I make the same point about useless, pseudo-progressive issues, myself.

But I do hold ,that if one compares a whistleblowers' personal life to the conduct of a government, then arguments should be made, not in terms of how these are realised in practice, but in how they are supposed to be established in principal.

United States

Journal Journal: Fire Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Heymann 3

Heymann and Ortiz wanted to make an example out of Aaron. Instead, we as a society must make an example out of Heymann and Ortiz. Prosecutors must understand that they have moral responsibilities. They cannot simply hide behind the phrase "prosecutorial discretion" to justify any decision. Their actions have consequences, and they must be held accountable to them.

Comment Re:A lot of this BS is just Daniel Berg's fiction (Score 2) 266


It's called a "disinformation campaign".

And Jemimah Khan? She is a prize disinformation agent. Connected by birth and marriage to both the Windsors and the Rothschilds, and having been married to Imran Khan... The high-wierdness of her connections to seats of power - both public and covert - are beyond the imaginings of fiction.

Comment Re:A lot of this BS is just Daniel Berg's fiction (Score 4, Insightful) 266

States - in modern, representative democracies, are accountable to the people who fund the state for common welfare and interest.

The transparency and accountability of the state is different in imperative from that of the individual - who has an expectation of privacy to guarantee the conduct of free expression and personal liberty.

Equating Assange's alleged personal characteristics and style of management with the opaqueness and corruption committed by states acting in excess of their authority is false. Doing so reflects a very poor understanding of any of the core rights and issues that are at the heart of the WikiLeaks mission.

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