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Comment Re:Already happening (Score 1) 867

I can change one word of your sentence, altering its meaning without changing its truthfulness:
"I think an observation of history shows that business gravitates toward the corrupt."

We can repeat the experiment with "finance" or "the church", or what have you. There will be plenty of supporting anecdote, and quite a bit of usable data that could support such statements.

So? There is likely a deeper, foundational feature - or flaw - which invites organisations of people to corruption of intent and personal reward, over commitment to mission.

Yet we need to organise toward common and mutual purpose. The establishment of an American Government prior to 1789 was intended to focus on the beneficial aspects of that mutual purpose, and hold in abeyance the opportunities for exploitation.

It worked, more or less, for a little while.

Comment Re:Already happening (Score 1) 867


Actually, the problems with management by the Federal Government appear to be features introduced to serve those who own it.

Magically proclaiming that government is inherently a flawed way to accomplish anything, bordering on the criminal and immoral? That is a fantastical proposition. The corollary is stating that the only objective around which people can operate toward shared purpose is ambition and blind, greedy profit incentive.

The people who sponsored Reagan called him "The Great Communicator", because he so effectively broadcast this type of brainwashing. This type of belief has become the principal defect of the American character.

That is if one can use the mythical beast of national-character, to make a point... :-)

Comment Re:Every other day delivery is much better..... (Score 4, Insightful) 867

Right. The existing economy of institutionalised graft, extortion and threat of incarceration is infinitely preferable.

Inefficiency is a point of view - a pipe through which one may look at a system. Efficient to what end? Are you accumulating fat for winter? Or are you efficiently burning everything from your intake?

Some inefficiencies are virtues.

Comment Re:Every other day delivery is much better..... (Score 2) 867

Unlike the REAL pretense of servicing financial derivatives, or selling cable subscriptions to watch "It's Always Hot in Cleveland"?

All value in an economy is not transactional profit.

In fact, that is the difference between an "Economy" and a "Marketplace". The difference is not taught, and in fact? The confusion is actively promoted.

But the difference between these two things is analogous that between the concepts of "Strategic" and "Tactical".

Comment Re:Every other day delivery is much better..... (Score 2) 867

One IS a constructive activity. :-)

I won't labour arguments about that. It is fairly self-evident that one scenario involves violation of property, coupled with an element of coercion and violence. Let's not think of the ramification of encouraging a certain segment to violent, destructive action, while inuring another segment to the inevitability of such violence...

The other involves a sequence of activities that generate marginal commercial value and opportunity for greater social benefit.

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