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Comment Re:Brogramming??? (Score 1) 432

printf() returns an int which passed along to the return statement.
So lemme get this straight, you (wrongly) chastise me for failing to return an int, and yet you don't even double check your code and notice that the brackets in your include statements got eaten by the HTML interpreter?

Bro, do you even QA?

On a side note, what'd you do to display the code with a fixed-width font and indention? < and > worked for me but   didn't want to display. After a full 10 seconds I couldn't find it on the site FAQ, and cheezily compacted the lines in some crazy Pico style or something. No, that don't fly with me homies. It's Allman/ANSI style brackets for life foo!

Comment Re:The game is SLOOOOOOOWWWW! (Score 1) 398

Actually I believe he was "turn-based" as a metaphor for any environment where split-second twitches fueled by intravenous red-bull and injecting meth directly into your eyeballs in an effort to overcome synaptic lag and reach true plank-length responses are the deciding factor in gameplay.

It's a common sentiment amongst the Counter-Strike crowd.

Comment Re:35 years in jail? (Score 2) 470

THIS. Because prosecution, the hammer of the law, is so politically motivated. If you're on a shit list of powerful people, you get the book thrown at you. And it's a really fucking heavy book. But if you're a horrible guy screwing over millions of powerless people? Naw. The pansy gloves come out. Or they find a sacrificial goat. Or they settle. That's right, they settle away FELONIES. Remember BP? And they had popular opinion against them.

And with the legal system how it is, only the rich can afford to defend themselves. If the rule of law only applies to the powerless, is there really a rule of law?

Remember that line from Back to the Future, part 2? When they automated the court system and abolished all lawyers? Yeah. That'd be nice. In the meantime we need to make the legal system more impartial and less... driven by power and politics.

Comment Re:Fundamentally... (Score 1) 470

It's a perfectly relevant argument when the person with the broken arm wants to CHOP IT OFF. As if that would fix it. Now, sure, sometimes people are just pointing out that our central banking system could be better, and that they don't trust the Fed, but quite often you get the Ron Paulites who want to abolish: the Fed, the IRS, the education department, and... jesus christ, they pretty much want to get rid of the federal government.
Anyway, "shit's bad". Yeah ok, you've got some good points there, what do we do about it? "TEAR IT ALL DOWN" ah, no thank you.

That's not exactly the sentiment of khallow, but it's prevalent enough here that it's a cultural "thing" and the sane people have developed a response to it.

Comment Re:Zero! (Score 1) 217

Yeah, same here. I've got nothing against the idea of messages using text, and I like AIM and gchat. But the rates for SMS are just so horrid compared to the actual cost to the company. It's an embodiment of the scum-sucking unchecked corporate greed and the twisted culture of consumers that, for whatever reason, seems to lap it up. My bank account can afford it, but my thriftiness just can't deal with it and gags at the thought.

Comment Re:Random hacks of kindess... (Score 1) 102

Wow, what's it like to live in constant fear? That paranoid distrusting nature that I find in so many of the older political types. It's probably born of cynasim or something, but people like you are just socially pesimistic. Like they've given up on people in general. I'd be more understanding if you had been truely hungry at some point, but everyone I've met with this attitude has been financially well off. I imagine the cut-throat mentality helps balance the budget. On the flip-side, everyone I've known who has been through hard times has had a healthy respect for the caring nature of their fellows. Usually because they had to lean on someone else in some fashion. Maybe all the ones who tried to stand on their own simply died, but in any case, I haven't met them.

But no, seriously, what's it like to constantly distrust everyone else?

Comment Re:Apparently one Aaron Swartz was not enough. (Score 1) 102

Did you know that your highschool social studies teacher was lieing to you?
"Republic" just means they don't have a "king". It doesn't mean the people are represented. It's just a coinsodence of language that the two words seem similar.
You know how we usually get in a huff about a topic and everyone galvanizes along two sides and it's a big sort of debate thing? Yeah, back in the day, one of those issues was whether or not we should have a king or we should have a republic.

But anyway, no, your argument isn't coming from the right angle. You can't say the masses will always want more taxes. That's crazy. Who wants to pay more taxes? No, they want other people to pay more taxes. Especially when there's inequality and unfair advantage. So you should argue that, in a democracy, collective Peter will vote to tax/enslave/repress selective Paul. Of course, historically, democracies have been pretty good when it comes to the civil rights of minorities.... Eventually... I don't see how that's neccesarily part of a democratic system, but there's probably some sociological factors at play.

I am responsible only for the actions and decisions I make. Not my neighbor's, not the government's, but mine and mine alone.

And that's what separates a individualistic libertarian and the people who understand they live in and depend upon a socity. Bitch as much as you want, but you live in a democracy. Ultimately, YOU, in some small percentage, are the person in charge of all the laws and all the government. Don't like the shitty laws? Hate taxes and what it buys you? Do your civic duty, get political, and rally your neighbors to change it. Because we're all responsible for this. Together.

Comment Re:Sensationalize much? (Score 3, Informative) 390

Power. The federal court has power of us. Peers over the internet do not. "Cyber bullying" is amongst equals while the power imbalance between an ethical and upstanding digital rights activist and federal prosecutors is laughable. To curtail cyber bullying we would need to impose draconian rules enforced over the Internet, while to curtail federal bullying we simply need to slap a political official on the wrist. And we can do that second one, in theory, because we live in a democracy. But to get the right people to start slapping, even halfheartedly, the masses have to get in a huff and thrash a little.

Also, did you think that Slashdot is one homogenous group? We're not even a loose coalition. We're individuals that occasionally function as a hive-mind.

Comment Re:Simply put.. (Score -1, Flamebait) 328

It made me question whether I really wanted to spend a lot of time getting better at something that attracted defective people to it.

Welcome to Slashdot! But no, seriously, from all the geeks, fuck you. Please kindly go die in a fire. You weren't smart enough to be competitive at chess and you gave up. That's not that bad. Holding a grudge against the sour grapes and insulting grand masters is that bad. Stop it. And stop blaming computers for your own failings.

Comment Re:Just taking orders (Score 2) 656

When the only things we're known for are movies, code, and delivering pizza, you defend the cash cow. But yeah, the system is pretty messed up and the legal system doesn't have a clue how to deal with anything digital.

But that's no reason to simply ignore the behavior of the prosecutor. "Just following orders" is not an excuse. Regardless, he wasn't following orders, it was his decision to go after this case. The district attorneys have a lot of leeway about what they do, a lot of which ends up being political.

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