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Comment Re:not just japan (Score 1) 315

Hi there. It's great to see that you've bought into the video game industry's marketing juggernaut (thereby identifying yourself as a gamer, keen to spend more money on said games), but some of those companies have contributed some quality titles; possibly not of your generation or preferred genre, but true none-the-less.

Submission + - Russia targets dissidents with anti-piracy raids (

Jeremy Erwin writes: The Russian Government is using the pretext of software piracy to suppress dissident organizations, seizing computers and shutting down websites, regardless of whether the targeted groups actually use unlicensed software. Similar groups, allied with the government, remain immune to harassment. The New York Times article notes that Microsoft's behavior has not been completely above board.

Comment Re:New headline (Score 1) 620

CCP is one of the few companies that understands it's player-base and consistently treats them right. EVE players do not want to be babysat. They do not want to be protected from their own stupidity. If they want to be able to take a risk, they don't want some in-game barrier preventing them from doing what they want with their own (virtual) property. And so, CCP lifted the restrictions on PLEX, with a HEAVY warning as to what could happen if a player choses to leave a station with PLEX in the hold. So what does this guy do? He takes 74 of them, in a KESTRAL (which, for those unfamiliar with EVE, is basically a newbie ship). No amount of armed escorts would have made a difference because this ship will be rubble in 2 shots. This person chose to gamble, and they lost.

Comment good luck (Score 3, Insightful) 90

i wish them the best (and will sign up when i can) but i can't help but think this will fail hard. the vast majority of facebook users are not concerned with privacy, rather they actively seek to do away with it. they want to make sure each of their 700 friends knows every inconsequential detail of their daily lives; facebook provides them with the platform to do this, diaspora likely will not. diaspora may find a niche but i can't see it taking a significant dent out of facebook's market share.

Comment nope. (Score 1) 849

I can't. I just deleted a crap load of .flac files after downloading the .mp3 versions and not being able to tell the difference while listening through some pretty decent headphones. I'd rather have a few more free gigabytes. 256 and 320 bitrate are great, 128 is another story.

Comment Re:Better get out more (Score 1) 183

Music comes in many forms, and different genres appeal to different people. Listen to some film soundtracks, and ambient music (Brian Eno) and you might find that quiet subtlety can be beautiful.

Comment Re:The Wii is on the way down (Score 1) 163

I can't see that being a major cost component. The accelerometer is in the Wii's controller, which alone retails for $49. This article on Tom's Hardware says that the Wii's manufacturing cost has actually gone down 45% since launch.,news-3758.html

Comment Re:The Wii is on the way down (Score 4, Insightful) 163

I don't know about that... Remember when the Wii was the "cheap" system? Now we have a $200 xbox and a $300 ps3, both half their original launch prices. But the Wii has actually gone up from $269 to $279 (inflation?). (Canadian prices) There's a reason the other guys are aggressively lowering their prices...

Submission + - Firefox Plugin Liberates Paywalled Court Records (

Timothy B. Lee writes: "If you want to access federal court records, you're often forced to use PACER, a cumbersome, paywalled website run by the federal judiciary. My colleagues and I at Princeton's Center for IT Policy have released a new Firefox extension called RECAP that allows users to automatically upload the documents they download from PACER into a public archive hosted by the Internet Archive. It also saves users money by automatically notifying them if a document they're searching for is available for free from the public archive. Over time, we hope to build a comprehensive, free repository of federal court records that's available to everyone."

Submission + - Radiohead to only release digital singles

koavf writes: "Radiohead have become the latest major rock act to announce that they will no longer release albums in any format, but focus on digital singles. Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins made a similar declaration last year. This comes on the heels of the major record labels and Apple developing competing multimedia packages to encourage music fans to buy and listen to entire albums."

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