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Comment Re:Everyone hates congress too (Score 1) 327

this is a guy you'd know, otherwise you wouldn't have his phone number (and in any case, he wouldn't want to get your MMS if he doesn't know you). if it's an MMS worth sending, why not just call/message him and ask him for his email address? And once you've got it you don't need to ask him again (same as how you got his phone number in the first place)

(there's actually a practical problem here in the iPhone's lack of copy-paste, but that's another matter :-)

Yes, but then if your phone has a well designed address book (like the iPhone) then all you need is one piece â" their name.

That's not what he means. If you know someone's number, but not their email (either on your phone, or at all), then even with the best address book ever (like the Motorola V980), it won't help you.

Comment Re:BeOS: still my favorite UI (Score 1) 448

right; IIRC this was one of the reasons the army's web servers were running on Macs (I don't know if they still are?). you could maybe take them down, but you certainly couldn't penetrate them and deface their sites, since without a command shell there's no way to make code bomb and drop you back to it.

a command shell is only a feature if there're things you WANT to do in it; almost by definition, the people who wanted Macs didn't want to do things with a command line. Automation/etc. tasks were done with hypercard, or (non-command-line) scripting

Comment Re:A confession, of sorts (Score 1) 238

I loved Caldera OpenLinux.

And, I think its clear their developers did too - they certainly went "over and above the call of duty" for their installer (Lizard?):

for v3.1, I remember, during the stage where other installers would just have a progress bar run through all the files being copied, it launched a solitaire game so you could have something other to do, if you had to sit in front of the terminal during file copy.

This was right before mcbride and gang waltzed in and tore it all down.

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