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Comment Re:Looking for family in Japan (Score 1) 431

I live in Chile and experienced the massive comms breakdown after the earthquake. Best advice is NOT to use telephone at all, you are just making it harder for everyone, including emergency services. Best way to get information is using, email, sms, facebook and other types of asynchronous communication. Be sure to post contact info of people you are searching for on a place they or their friends can see. Rest assured that odds are they are OK, but just incommunicated. Also sending emails to Police/Firefighter stations in Tochigi with info about the people you look for is a good idea. Just once though. My thoughts go with you and your familiy.

Comment Re:Sexting (Score 1) 146

Well, the same could happen if instead of nude pics, they were her panties, or a very cheesy love letter, or a webcam striptease, or anything you might call private and part of a love relationship. Does that mean that we have tu punish the girl? Nope. Does that mean we (her parents, school, whatever) have to teach her better? Definitely. Criminalizing (Does that word exist?) something doesn't teach you better.

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