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Comment Re:Standard Missing Option Gripe (Score 1) 708

I fully agree!!! The worst is the acting (from writing) of persons who quarrel and talk as if nothing happens to human language, emotions and understanding the next x hundred years; same goes for movies trying to depict the past, the minimal understanding of language structure would help (we talk way faster now than a hundred years ago, and the ego is much more evolved thus most conversations in past or future movies are emotionally totally off the mark)

Comment Re:A few common CAPTCHA fallacies (Score 1) 192

feelings - a compassion based captcha might even asure that the human has good intent (and if droids evolve emotions, true compassion would mean it is complying to asimov ruke zero and wouldnt harm humanity) > > >There are no questions that can't be answered by a computer (and which can be answered by a human mind). The Church-Turing thesis has some validity: the human mind is no more powerful than a turing machine, and ultimately, computers and our brains are equivalently computationally. There's nothing a computer can't solve: there are just things we haven't figured out yet.

Comment the macbook is now ultraportable! (Score 2, Insightful) 337

When you include dells one pound gold brick power supply, the adamo is 5 pounds, equal to a normal macbook including power For $2500 the macbook has 2.4ghz with 4gb ram, dvd drive and 256gb ssd harddrive plus osx, backlit display, magsafe and isight Tell me again why i should use dell trying vista 64 without graphics card?

Comment use them for geocaching (Score 1) 546

small usb drives are perfect to put inside geocaches, especially as first find - any nice cc photos, music or even programs will do as gifts, and google earth links or clues for finding other caches will be really interesting too (then you can have the usb key be a permanent part of the cache, so the finder may have to bring a laptop on the trail:)

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