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Comment Re:This was America before "free trade". (Score 4, Insightful) 138

Yes let's do this. Let's have one of these imbecilic discussions in the face of someone who has found joy. This is a great idea.

So here we go. I know for certain what killed America- it was Obama. He did. All by himself. No wait, maybe it was the Tea Party... no... taxes, yes that was it, taxes punched America in the nuts. No, Kevin Smith. Cop Out FFS? No, it was Gingrich and Reagan- the original tax and spenders. No, it was dogma (not the Kevin Smith movie- well- wait, it could have been that...) Wait, it was religion. Religion killed the whole world and Obama is it's Rosicrucian overlord. Wait, George Bush- he is still killing America and in league with the Trilateral commission which is a Masonic plot to immanentize the eschaton.

What were we talking about?

Jesus Christ. Perhaps it was a bad fu$&ing attitude that is killing America?

The author found inspiration and hope in a place without a whole lot to spare. Let's, perhaps, for once, applaud and foster that.

I do remember my(the) first Maker Faire. It filled me with the same exuberance as the author- took tons of pictures, talked to people and got encouragement about a few ideas I had milling about in my brain, made some great friends, met the makers of the flame spitting serpent, saw kids engaging and creating in a way that I would hope they could in school. It all left that fire in me not just of self worth but of hope. It's still with me. It reinforced my belief that there are more people who want to do and share and be part of something than those who don't.

Rock the f#(k on CmdrTaco.

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 1) 155

See what 'cursory' reading gets you? I thought the array was integral to the chip. Makes me wonder if one were to modify a Sony NEX(since the sensor is totally exposed with the lens off) with a similar array that you might get the same thing. For that matter any Canon that can employ CHDK might be able to do the same thing using a script or a special build of the firmware.

Thanks for taking the time to read it right.

Comment Re:Not as surprising as it should be (Score 1) 103

My point is that if you walked in to Mr Pointyheads office and started rattling things off like MD5, plain text or ROT-13- eyes would just roll back and he would grumble how much he hates IT and that it should just be stuffed in to the Cloud because the Cloud just works and is safe and makes toast and answers help desk support calls and installs the latest patches and and and... All while saving "8 billion dollars" of salary of those horrible IT people who just sit there an complain all the time and put up resistance to his brillian company saving 1 week implementation schedule listed on the micro-transaction slide in his power point presentation.

Or to say it another way, the patch for the web server and code that we read about here only appears to him as down time and dollars spent on surly cave dwellers- an expensive line item for the unwashed that he will be forced to comprehend.

And this is the same guy who will have moved on to some other department when the DB containing all the credit cards and passwords ends up on a tweet and the fingers get pointed at the surly cave dwllers who have been telling Pointyhead to prioritize the patch over his ill thought through bullet points.

Sorry. These stories really touch a nerve with me.

Comment Re:Best book on the subject (Score 1) 109

This is probably the clearest explanation I have seen of this problem in ever. Yes, in ever. It makes it look just as nice as it can which is ugly as hell. If I may hang on to it to share?

Also, I was looking around the other day for 'promise' type stuff in JS and found this:

Comment Re:Best book on the subject (Score 1) 109

Crazy rules for var? Like every child object of the object in which var is declared has access to that variable? Doesn't sound like too much mayhem if you use closure. And for scoped code like interfaces I quite like the 'require' pattern. var Foo = require(foo.js); Where foo.js: require.exports = {random assortment of scoped objects}

I don't see these as cleanup problems, just ability to write clean code to begin with.

Although I am not sure I am getting to the root of your issue. The problem isn't really clear.

Comment Re:Thank God we have Coffeescript (Score 1) 109

Dunno if I would have worded it quite that way. Probably would have left out the fucks. I probably would have gone on to say that both Ruby and Python syntax are absurd to look at and decipher if you are blessed with the gift of understanding C-like syntax. The notion that white space is syntactically crucial is ridiculous.

Nah, the Ruby/Python quirks are as numerous and odd as JS so it appears that the thesis of the parent's statement is mostly invalid.

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