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Comment Re:I think it's funny (Score 1) 443

I know don't feed the trolls, but I just wanted to pass along a Happy Holidays to this one. Sheesh.

Miguel, I have the choice of running VS 2008 (full version) in VMware or running Mono to do my work. The VMWare route is a pig on resources and is basically unusable for everything but the simplest of changed. I am very much enjoying using Mono. Yes, I am /actually using Mono/ where it seems most comments up to this point are not- with their referencing older builds and so on. You know I actually use that AS3 plugin from time to time as well. Mono has come a long way since I fist tried and admittedly abandoned it.

I really appreciate the work.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 443

"P.S. Yes, C# being better than Java is personal opinion."

No, it isn't. C# is better than Java in every way. Well- alright, at least the ones you carefully list. I'll add that doing things one way instead of Java's myriad of (frequently inane) implementations is very relaxing when starting out on something new or when inheriting code from someone else.

Comment Re:Google is dedicated, we're committed. (Score 2, Insightful) 283

Well- let's continue with the cooking metaphor. Leave the pig out it for a second.

Let's say the chicken has a great hand me down recipe from his great grand chicken. They implement that recipe and the restaurant's success is overwhelming based on that recipe. The chicken then decides to divulge everything about the technique used to create the dish- but not the actual recipe.

Why in, any environment, should the chicken be forced to reveal that recipe?

Comment Re:ESRB (Score 1) 299

There is nothing tin foil about it. Advertising is manipulation. *I* find that offensive. So do many other people. Note the prevalence and download numbers of ad blockers. I make a concerted effort every day to avoid ads. There is no PS3 ad blocker. No choice if the user wants to be advertised to or not. Offensive. And no it's not just this title or this console.

Tired. Back to work.

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