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Comment Re:Backwards (Score 1) 404

Windows is the part that they use to leverage their sales of Office which is Microsofts main cash cow.

With Windows no longer being able to to give Office an extra advantage, Office will have a hard time to compete and will no longer be dominating and it will be really downhill for Microsoft.

Its all about follow the money. A company in trouble usually sell off the parts of their business that dont show a big profit.
Selling the cash cow means you are left with a business that hardly gives any profit for the future. That is a bad bet for a company that aim to survive. Selling Xbox is thus the better choice for the company. Its just sound business strategy.

Comment Spark notes (Score 5, Informative) 355

1. Temperarature rise for the last 250 years of 1.5 degree C is entirely because of increased CO2 emissions.
2. Vulcanic activity can seriously lower the earths temperature and affects the curve with downward spikes.

No other activity shows any significant colleration towards earth temperature. They have checked against solar flares and other activites and all they compared against has had no impact. CO2 rise looks to be the major cause behind it all.

Basically they are saying: Critics of AGW are wrong.

The data will be fully available on their webplacce form 30 july with abilities for visitors to test the data themselves and to toy with how the temperature rise has affected their local temperature.

Comment Re:Does anybody even care (Score 2) 215

The reasons are many to use IE:

1. A few uses microsofts brower since they work at microsoft and are forced too.
2. Other uses it because their company forces them
3. Some because they are forced to use them for some webb sites they use.
4. Other uses it because they don't know better.
5. Some dont really surf the web so they don't bother to download a great browser.
6. Some are masochists.

IE users fall into one or more of these six categories.

Comment Re:But the U.S. is still #1 in the world! (Score 3, Insightful) 1063

It would be just as valid to say that the Eurozone has the biggest debt the world has ever seen.

US has about 35% more debt per person then Greece.

So yes US of A is in a big heap of trouble. Something need to be done. The fiscal clip was not a joke.
USA really need to get its act together and fix the economy. And that means higher taxes to pay of the

Comment Re:You have to sue before you can talk (Score 2) 123

Due to a court decision about ten years ago, patent holders now have to sue before they can discuss patent licensing.

Bullshit! There is no such rule.

Its perfectly normal to discuss licensing deals before suing someone. It happens all the time between civilized companies.

Then there are the rouge companies who refuse to even talk about licensing and sue directly - but they are hardly the norm.

Comment Re:Hundreds? (Score 1) 212

The speedup comes from the fact that the interface allows for higher amount of eletricity to flow into the cars batteries.

Cable and contacts need to be able to handle the higher voltage and ampare needed to fill the cars batteries with energy faster. The bigger the cable the more electrons can flow through it.

Comment Re:Very Disappointed! (Score 1) 183

It's your own fault. Have not people been telling you to stop downloading software from untrusted sites ?

You will get viruses and such if you insist of downloading from sites of disreputable companies
who many times has been found guilty of intellectual property theft in courts.

It's asking for trouble. Do what most people do - use a torrent!


Journal Journal: Samsung will sue Apple tomorrow ?

Tomorrow looks to be the day of the antipcited Apple release of the iPhone 5 but other sources tell of a threat to people being able to buy an iPhone directly after the announcement as they usually can. Samsung is in the final stages to start a court case against Apple if it is revealed that iPhone 5 support LTA or 4G in its phone.Apple has not licensed LTE from Samsung. Samsung has a large number of patents in the LTE tech and probably do what they can to stop Apple from selling their iPhon

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