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Comment Re:Why do we keep doing this? (Score 1) 81

All we need is a global white list that allows trusted communication between peers. In the event spam is being sent from a member of the white list all of the email from that party would be flagged as suspect for 24 hours, then change to spam until the issue is rectified.

The problem is the lack of response from certain parts of the world, where I block tcp/udp connections from already. I have no issues with allowing people to communicate freely, but I have no issues with my libido and no need to buy Xanax.

Comment Old news (Score 3, Interesting) 127

Real time speech analytics for call centers has existed for seven years. The better products came out of Israel, at least the first and second generation IP Telephony capable systems. Inflection based triggers have existed in traditional TDM systems for over twelve years, so not real sure why this specific article is so intriguing. Just about any high end inbound call center will use some form of inflection and emotion algorithmic processing, more so once you get into the arm pit of finance, collections.

The systems I manage process over 500 million calls per month, across multiple industries and pbx vendors. The majority of the volume is processed using Cisco and Interactive Intelligence products, with an assortment of one off custom solutions. Of that 500 million calls per month, over 30% of the calls have used some form of inflection and emotional detection within the last eight years.

*yawn* another slow news day?

Comment Old Technology in a new dress (Score 4, Informative) 157

This technology has been around since the 60's and was used before the Vietnam war, as well as during the Vietnam War makes this non-news.

Do a little research and you will find out that during the Apollo moon mission that Army Intelligence at Ft Hood jammed a frequency outside of the listed bands. Apparently they were field testing high powered multi-frequency jammers before being deployed into Vietnam. The field manual was very light and they were instructed to avoid certain bands that were coded red. It turned out to be a private frequency for NASA, which caused a two minute loss of communication with the Apollo team. The reason they knew about the Apollo comm link was two truckloads of intelligence spooks arrive at the site of their outpost. They were interviewed and informed that they had inadvertently knocked Houston's comms down and caused a two minute panic because the primary frequency and the backup frequency were unavailable for communication with the Apollo astronauts.

VFW halls, best halls.

PC Games (Games)

Blizzard vs. Glider Battle Resumes Next Week 384

trawg writes "You paid for it, you have the DVD in your drive and the box on the floor next to your desk, but do you own the game? That's the question the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will rule on next week in the case between Blizzard, publisher of World of Warcraft, and MDY, publisher of the Glider bot. The Glider bot plays World of Warcraft for you, but Blizzard frowns on this, saying it voids the license agreement — you don't own the game, you only have a license to use it, and bots like Glider invalidate the license. The EFF has a good summary of the case as well. The case is due to be resumed on Monday."

Comment Re:Perfectly Legal (Score 1) 630

Post-Revolution I can only think of the Iran-Iraq conflict and we know who the US funded. My comment referred to their history of keeping their word, not their hungry desire for spilling the blood of the infidels. Nukes have a long history to act as a deterrent to invasion, which complicate things in the middle east (especially for the Israelis).

Comment Re:Perfectly Legal (Score 1) 630

Iran has a very long history of keeping their word on International matters. Let's not also forget their glowing history with their prisoners (civilians) and that whole pesky voting fraud thing.

Whether they like it, somethings about to give based on the assorted leaks from the Intelligence communities. If the UN doesn't do something quickly, those pesky Jews that Iran hates so much may help "slow" their nuclear goals.


The Duct Tape Programmer 551

theodp writes "Joel Spolsky sings the praises of The Duct Tape Programmer, who delivers programming teams from the evil of 'architecture astronauts' who might otherwise derail a project with their faddish programming craziness. The say-no-to-over-engineering attitude of the Duct Tape Programmer stems not from orneriness, but from the realization that even a 50%-good solution that people actually have solves more problems and survives longer than a 99% solution that nobody has because it's in your lab where you're endlessly polishing the damn thing. Like Steve Jobs, Duct Tape Programmers firmly believe that Real Artists Ship."

Comment Re:Let me count the ways... (Score 1, Insightful) 329

It's basically a slow news day and any quasi-hippie article will make the front at eleven

First off the cardboard case will have to find a moronic PS company to allow their power supply to be put inside a paper case if they want to enter the brick-and-mortar sales market. I can think of very few companies that would jump at that idea to be quite honest since it's pretty fucking stupid. I know corrugated carboard, but I wouldn't put my $700 GPU and quad CPU's in it to appear to care more about the environment. In reality the case isn't the problem, but more of the poisons used in the manufacturing (and lack of common disposal) process that wind up in our dumps, instead of approved facilities.

Put a heavy corrugated box in a hot ass garage during a Texas or Arizona summer, then chat with me about the longevity of even high-end cardboard. I specifically am referencing very highend optical router boxes from Cisco/Juniper that I have in my garage, which are breaking down after a few months. Water as we know enjoys PAPER, which isn't normally a problem unless you are a fucking moron and put your computer parts INTO THE BOX. Since you apparently think it's odd to put a coating on something to improve the fire resistance (and subsequently water resists) I must say, you must be a raging moron. If you are running on ten years hardware, then sure I can see your point that the case storing your assorted drivel shouldn't be fire or water tight since a random short will always cause a fire, so will the bumped glass of -your favorite beverage-.

All of this under the concept that a paper case is much better than a metal one. Both are recyclable, but one is more resilient and a more practical solution. In fact the de facto metal one exists because it has a place, whereas a paper case is a problem looking for a solution.

Comment Let me count the ways... (Score 1) 329

I think its a good idea, but it will require a good fireproof coating to pass UL certification, along with being rigid enough to hold a beer or computer books. Just at a glance the idea does have some flaws though, mainly heat will make it brittle over time since it's still paper /w a coating, it poses a fire risk, it will not dampen much noise and vibrations will probably cause it to wear out much quicker, than say METAL that is already recyclable.

Comment Re:JGE v EVE (Score 1) 86

I have been playing Eve for over six years now and only because Descent and Freelancer got boring. I think they are positioning themselves to take a huge portion of the Eve player base, which used to play the previously mentioned games. Eve is boring because of the navigation and the huge amount of PvE that the game is based around. At times it seems the entire framework of the game is centered around the carebears mining or building shit in station, which is needed in a pure sandbox environment. The idea that they are basing the framework of the ship class balancing around PvP excites me. That way when it goes live all the PvP'ers from Eve will haul ass and never look back while the carebears in Eve wonder why the market crashed and they are unable to sell anything.

I know a very significant number of people across numerous large alliances in Eve that will bail when Star Wars or JGE is released. The sandbox of Eve has gotten boring as of late....

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