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Comment Re:Poor QA (Score 1) 626

well as you say, it was used out of spec. So I imagine they could deploy and hope it would work or not deploy at all. With the latter option the lives would be lost anyway. Not saying they could not have done better (but who is "they"). If I remember correctly there was a lot of phooha around those Patriot batteries, my country (NL) sent one to Israel. That's politicians and their following media making a stance and not be concerned about facts.

Comment Re:Anti-Competitive Harassment. (Score 2, Insightful) 149

yes and no. I can see this to fail in both the European Court of Justice and in the European Court of Human Rights (for non Europeans: the first is the EU "supreme court", the other is continent wide, voluntary and treaty based.) However it will take maybe 5 but more likely 10 years before a resolution comes out of those. In my country (the Netherlands) treaties take precedence above national law, and our constitution is just a piece of paper (no constitutional court, laws can't be checked by courts against the constitution). Add to that that we always want to be the teachers favorite pupil so we will enforce ACTA for many years.

Comment Re:So when I buy a car.... (Score 1) 650

So when I buy a car in the EU instead of having the factory built radio, are they going to have 3rd pardy radios installed in it as well?

If someone made a case out of it, then probably yes. Tied selling is not allowed in most and probably all EU countries if it restricts competition. The remedy would of course not be that the other radios are installed but that you can choose another without a penalty. Does this count as a car analogy, b.t.w.?

Comment Re:And What of the Others? (Score 1) 650

well, after you install IE7 you first get a setup screen asking which search engine you want as default (a list of the better known ones, but with the option "define your own"). They could easily run something like that during Windows installation for browsers. And no, you don't need IE to download another browser. But for the bandwidth impaired they could easily put all the current ones on the DVD (soon out of date however).

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