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Comment chores around house (Score 1) 403

I was considering getting my wife one of these to hang over the kitchen entry to remind her of her to-do list items during the day. Of course, I might ssh in and display I LOVE YOU randomly as well. Ultimately I decided it was not a good Christmas present, as if a hint to do more chores. But, maybe randomly next month!

Comment Look for a good company with internal opps (Score 1) 613

I had similar issues, for more years. I can tell you what I did. I got on in the support department of a company that I could tell actually had more going on in the same headquarters than just a call center, and eventually applied successfully into another department after working there a year or so. Good luck.

Submission + - TCP half-open saves the Internet, the Earth (

Top Romulan writes: "Today, in Intergalactic Headlines, as the planet Earth prepares for an oncoming fictional black hole which will slowly compact the entire planet Earth around it, shines a ray of hope on the last remaining moments of Internet connectivity and the human understanding of what is happening. As physical layer transmission mediums become subject to the fictional element dubbed black hole BH sub LHC1, the link layer will behave in an undefined manner and higher-level protocols may be affected. In particular, Transmission Control Protocol, the very basis by which many Slashdot readers share and absorb, may be affected in the following way. If one end of the connection disappears into the fictional entity BH sub LHC1, then your TCP connection state will be known as half-open. This corrects a common misconception, which can be understood thoroughly by viewing the latest wikipedia article on the subject, and its See Also section and history."

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