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Comment Re:well, the man's penis goes in the lady's vagina (Score 1) 310

But if you only reveal that fact if the cops bust in, wouldn't the escort then be able to go after you for attempting to film you and her having sex? I guess it's a possibility she won't, since she'd basically be admitting that she's a prostitute. But if the cops bust in, she's likely already in with them in some manner.

Comment Re:Snowden is fucked (Score 1) 583

But we aren't talking about a mere lack of sympathy, which may be because you don't know if you should sympathize. We're talking about looking at the situation, and deciding that you have no sympathy for the person, for the things that are about to befall him.

Person 1: "You gotta help me out man!"
Person 2: "Why?"
Person 1: "I robbed a liquor store! The Man is gonna throw me in jail!"
Person 2: "I have no sympathy for you."

If you cannot see how that means that Person 2 approves of Person 1 going to jail, then I don't know what else to say.

Comment Re:Snowden is fucked (Score 1) 583

My point was that him saying "I'm struggling to find sympathy for him" goes beyond merely understanding the events. It expresses a particular feeling you have about the events.

For example, I understand that some people beat up other people. But if I see a guy getting the shit kicked out of him on TV, and I say "I have no sympathy for that guy", how is that not me condoning the beating?

Comment Re:Snowden is fucked (Score 2) 583

I thought so to when I first skimmed it. Then I re-read it and this line popped out at me.

I'm struggling to find sympathy for him personally, as he has committed an extremely serious act of treason.

Saying he has no sympathy doesn't sound much like he's simply stating what will happen. Makes it sound like he approves.

Comment Re:Sure, they promise all this now. (Score 1) 509

I didn't mean to imply that I wasn't updating, only that I could not play the new game I just bought until I did.

Or rather, in theory I could not play it. In practice, I just used one of the many disc managers to install the game to an external HDD, and played the game from that. Completely skips the version check on the disc.

Of course, just in case the game actually did need something in the update, I did still update.

Comment Re:I think he's dealt with other orthodox types (Score 1) 367

one can have a viable rationale for why Old Testament rules are no longer followed

True. But that isn't what Sycraft-fu was talking about. It isn't about not following the rules, it's about technically following them in such a convoluted manner that outsiders just look at it and go "really? You really think that counts as following your rules?"

For a car analogy, lets take two people exceeding the speed limit. The one explains that he thinks the speed limit is too low in that area, so he ignores the limit and goes with what he thinks is a safe speed. The other, goes into a convoluted explanation about how he wasn't actually speeding. In fact, he was actually going under the limit.

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