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Comment Re:My Knees and Hips Disagree (Score 1) 776

actually, that's not true.
Here's what you do - find a running store in your area, go in and have them do a gait analysis. They'll recommend a style of shoes for you.

The price is unlikely to be much higher than you'd pay in any other store, but it's likely to START higher, so be prepared.

My wife went from some pretty serious knee pain/shin splints to a much more comfortable run, and they actually told me "keep the ones you've got and come see us when they wear out".


Submission + - Building Artificial Bone From Mineralised Collagen

Late-Eight writes: "Researchers from the National University of Singapore, have recently developed a new way to make artificial bone from mineralised collagen.

For some time scientists have tried to make nanosized artificial bone materials using various methods, And have recently turned their attention to mineralised collagen, a nanoapatite/collagen composite. This material is highly biocompatible and has the nanostructure of artificial bone. It could be used in bone grafts and bone-tissue engineering, among other applications."

Submission + - Hacked E-Passports crash readers (

Cain writes: "Lukas Grunwald, an RFID expert who has served as an e-passport consultant to the German parliament, says he's succeeded in sabotaging two passport readers made by different vendors by cloning a passport chip, then modifying the JPEG2000 image file containing the passport photo. Reading the modified image crashed the readers, which suggests they could be vulnerable to a code-injection exploit that might, for example, reprogram a reader to approve expired or forged passports."

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