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Comment Noncompletion doesn't mean failure (Score 4, Insightful) 147

The point of MOOCs is that since they're free, those who enroll in them can pick and choose from what's there that interests them. Plenty of people enroll in a MOOC because they want a refresher on something, or to learn about just one aspect of what's covered, or just to see what it looks like. It's not failure when those people don't go through everything in the course.

Comment Re:And when it doesn't fit (Score 1) 162

Worse than that, during Christmas they claimed they delivered my package, but they really didn't. I had to get the seller to initiate an investigation, the conclusion of which was that it had actually been returned to the sender for no good reason and without apology. I get it that Christmas is busy, and if it had merely been late I'd have gotten over it. But they treated me really shabbily.

Incidentally, so did the seller, which took three days to respond to each of my inquiries, had no phone number, ignored my requests, etc. Pretty sad that from a company called 6dollarshirts you don't even get what you pay for!

Comment Re:..about World War One (Score 1) 236

Interestingly, around the turn of the century the Germans considered a series of plans to attack the U.S. directly. And as an alternative history buff you may be interested in a novelization of those plans by Robert Conroy called 1901, and also the H.G. Wells classic The War in the Air, which if written today would be considered steampunk alternative history but is cooler than that for having been written in 1907.

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