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Comment Get off my lawn (Score 1) 233

Since the site can't handle coverage of all major genres, it seems more reasonable that we all do exactly what those non-entertainment-stereotypical nerds do -- get news directly related to tech (including movie technology, of course) here on Slashdot, get our entertainment boost on another decent site.

That's one option. Another is that those of us who've been here a long time can keep our home, and new people who don't like the site for which they've signed up can discuss the movies they like better on a site that better matches their interests.

Comment Re:what? (Score 2, Insightful) 258


I wasn't necessarily agreeing with you, but at least I was listening to you, until this.

Somalia is not a libertarian society, and equating it with the libertarian ideal is an intellectually dishonest rhetorical tactic meant to conceal rather than reveal. Now, you can say we libertarians are wrong that markets can provide infrastructure, and fair enough if you do, but our ideal is no better represented by the overlapping collection of theocrats, warlords, and the occasional functioning republic that makes up today's Somalia any more than the progressive ideal is represented by Cuba or North Korea.

By the way, the belief that healthcare can only be provided by government or by employers is a false dichotomy. Better than either if people simply pay out of pocket for routine expenses and maintain insurance only for catastrophic, unplanned expenses, just as they do for gas and oil changes vs. collisions.

Comment Feminization of childhood (Score 1) 336

I think it's more that (other than janitors) men have more or less disappeared from most elementary schools in the last generation. There's a strong emphasis on protecting, and not at all one on letting kids learn "the hard way" from mistakes. Everything is supposed to be cooperative, and nothing is supposed to be competitive. There's a place for that, sure, but when that's the only ethos then things are seriously out of balance.

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