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Comment "Diploma mills" (Score 1) 41

The joke is that when most people say "diploma mill" what they mean is "Any school less prestigious, however slightly, than the one I attended." But the term means something specific: fake schools that offer no instruction and just sell unrecognized credentials for cash. Many for profit schools may be expensive and unremarkable, but that doesn't mean they're diploma mills.

Comment Cue the theme music.... (Score 1) 193

They have been testing a lightweight system to protect astronauts and spacecraft components from harmful radiation and working with colleagues in America to design a concept spaceship called Discovery that could take astronauts to the Moon or Mars.

Shouldn't a ship called Discovery take them to Europa? (Or Iapetus?)

Comment Re:Capitalist Apologist (Score 1) 43

Look, let me put it in terms you can understand: If your company is losing market share to a bunch of people who do this for shits and giggles in their spare time, maybe you should be polishing up your resume instead of bemoaning the situation. I mean, that's the free market at work, right?

Yes, actually. Unfortunately, though, not everyone who runs a business believes in competing in a free market. Many of them, especially executives at large corporations, believe in exploiting government to given themselves an artificial advantage over their competition. Copyright is related to this, because it's a state-granted entitlement, so it wouldn't even exist in a free market.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 1) 76

Well, you get points for snarkiness, but you should have a few beers with me before you decide it's either paranoia or a delusion of grandeur. I don't think I'm important, if that's what you mean, but I used to do moneypunk stuff (like Bitcoin, except with gold and it was twelve years ago) and a number of people I worked with in that time have been imprisoned. Besides, I expect their watchlist is long, that the threshold for being on it is low, and that being on it doesn't lead to immediate obvious consequences.

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