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Comment Re:Funny (Score 1) 76

Well, you get points for snarkiness, but you should have a few beers with me before you decide it's either paranoia or a delusion of grandeur. I don't think I'm important, if that's what you mean, but I used to do moneypunk stuff (like Bitcoin, except with gold and it was twelve years ago) and a number of people I worked with in that time have been imprisoned. Besides, I expect their watchlist is long, that the threshold for being on it is low, and that being on it doesn't lead to immediate obvious consequences.

Comment Re:Good for the economy. (Score 0) 451

Okay, that was kind of flippant of me. And in theory I can see how you're right. In practice, though, I doubt once the situation is so dire that even those in Congress are willing to implement far reaching spending cuts, I don't think they'll still have the luxury of deciding how they'll go about it -- I think they'll just keep up the pretence that they can spin gold out of straw until it all crashes.

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