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Comment Re: no thanks (Score 2) 182

You don't have to be clinically depressed to believe that you'd be better off somewhere else than where you are now. For example, the small island nation of Dominica scored near the top of the world happiness index a few years ago, yet young people emigrate from there in droves in search of high paying jobs in wealthier countries.

Comment Somalia, Somaliland, Statelessness, and Vampires (Score 3, Interesting) 182

Somalia doesn't have statelessness, it has an overlapping collection of theocracies and despotisms. The main exception is Somaliland in the north, where there's been a functional breakaway republic for years and there's a noteworthy level of prosperity. Somaliland has been completely unable to secure any kind of foreign recognition, largely because if it gets it, it ruins the claim that the vampires at the IMF have to shakedown the Somali people to repay the loans made to the Barre regime. The upside of this lack of recognition, however, is that the Somaliland government hasn't been able to get foreign aid, which, as it turns out, suppresses development rather than fostering it. But condemning foreign aid to governments of low income countries is about the only conclusion one can reasonably draw from the twenty-first century Somali experience, it doesn't speak to the efficacy of statelessness at all (either way).

Comment Re:It's a big planet (Score 1) 105

Everyone has law enforcement, not everyone has no knock raids that go wrong so often it's a meme. And the NSA clearly has a free hand in the U.S. as well, so that's not much of an argument. I would consider setting up a service in Hong Kong, most Scandinavian countries, Canada, and a few countries in Latin America and the Caribbean before I would consider the U.S., the particulars of the situation would narrow it down.

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