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Comment Re:wikipedia (Score 1) 252

They did respond. I quit protesting at that point figuring we made our thoughts clear and they would not continue untill things had been fixed.

What they said was that they wouldn't rescind Slashdot Classic until Beta was "ready", which is missing the point that we don't want Beta at all. It was a very disappointing response.

Others are protesting until the beta is completely dropped. I wish that they would post on topic then at the end of their post, put their beta protest.

Very well.

Fuck beta. Try Usenet: comp.misc is the new Slashdot.

Comment Re:Which, of course, really means... (Score 1) 207

Speaking of libertarians. Where are all the property-is-everything, guns-and-freedom, company-defending people now?

Being libertarian doesn't mean you defend everything that companies do. It just means you think that if Dice wants to treat us like we're irrelevant there shouldn't be a law against it. It certainly doesn't mean those in the community can't express their negative opinion of Dice's behavior, boycott the site, etc.

Comment Re:READY OR NOT IS NOT THE ISSUE!!! (Score 1) 2219

Yeah, I think I got here during the late '90s. In 2000 I had a web site that was hosted on a friend's PC that was connected by a 33.6 Kbps modem, and mentioning it here Slashdotted it into the ground. Fun days, those.

And like seemingly everyone else who doesn't get a paycheck from Dice, I too prefer Classic to Beta. If they want to offer Beta as the default UI for new accounts I guess I don't feel strongly against that, but the Classic UI should remain as an option for the established community, and if it doesn't and the community dries up, then that will be a real shame but I suppose it won't be surprising.

Comment Re:Washington Post paper (Score 1) 361

My mom still subscribes to the print edition, so I use her access to the web site and everyone's happy. But with them bringing Radley Balko and Eugene Volokh on board, they're actually on track to enter the "I'd pay if I had to" category.

Other than that I'm willing to donate to the local Pacifica radio station in part because of Democracy Now. As a libertarian I obviously don't always agree with Amy Goodman, but she reports on important stuff that no one else covers often enough that I respect her.

Comment Scarecrow apocalype (Score 1) 664

In a libertarian society, there wouldn't even [i]be[/i] corporations. Corporations are a state-created means of shielding company owners from accountability for the actions of the firms they control.

And you seriously can't tell the difference between switching from buying stuff from one provider to another, and emigrating?

I mean, is this anti-libertarian straw man day, or something? This thread looks like a scarecrow convention!

Comment Re:education (Score 1) 306

Taxation is payment for services rendered. If you aren't happy with the services you received, or the payment thereof, you are certainly welcome to redress your grievances, but please don't pretend that calling it theft is anything but hyperbolic grandstanding.

You've been trained well, citizen unit.

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