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Comment Scarecrow apocalype (Score 1) 664

In a libertarian society, there wouldn't even [i]be[/i] corporations. Corporations are a state-created means of shielding company owners from accountability for the actions of the firms they control.

And you seriously can't tell the difference between switching from buying stuff from one provider to another, and emigrating?

I mean, is this anti-libertarian straw man day, or something? This thread looks like a scarecrow convention!

Comment Re:education (Score 1) 306

Taxation is payment for services rendered. If you aren't happy with the services you received, or the payment thereof, you are certainly welcome to redress your grievances, but please don't pretend that calling it theft is anything but hyperbolic grandstanding.

You've been trained well, citizen unit.

Submission + - OpenBSD Foundation Receives A Commitment for 100k, sets annual goal to 150k (

ConstantineM writes: Bob Beck, director of the OpenBSD foundation, writes on misc@ — 'To all of you who have donated, please allow me to give you a huge "Thank You". In a nutshell, we have in one week gone from being in a dire situation to having a commitment of approximately $100,000 in donations to the foundation. From a developer's perspective let me assure you that this reaffirms the worth of what we are supporting and makes us want to work on it that much more.' Based on the updated list of significant contributors, in addition to the donation by the Mircea Popescu of MPEx Bitcoin securities exchange, genua, Google and many others have joined in. 'We would like to continue to build on your groundswell of support, and have set a target for $150,000 this year in fundraising.', Bob concludes.

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