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Comment My site was DMCA'ed (Score 1) 213

My personal site used to come up as the top hit for a Google search for "Steve Foerster" (with quotes). Now it's not there at all, because someone sent Google a DMCA takedown notice. Evidently the WordPress theme I used had an image in it that its designed had cribbed from someone's photobucket account, or something like that. I changed the theme, and one of these days will get around to sending Google a challenge notice. But what a mess -- if the copyright holder had simply told me, which would have taken no more effort and probably less, I'd have changed the theme.

Comment "Diploma mills" (Score 1) 41

The joke is that when most people say "diploma mill" what they mean is "Any school less prestigious, however slightly, than the one I attended." But the term means something specific: fake schools that offer no instruction and just sell unrecognized credentials for cash. Many for profit schools may be expensive and unremarkable, but that doesn't mean they're diploma mills.

Comment Cue the theme music.... (Score 1) 193

They have been testing a lightweight system to protect astronauts and spacecraft components from harmful radiation and working with colleagues in America to design a concept spaceship called Discovery that could take astronauts to the Moon or Mars.

Shouldn't a ship called Discovery take them to Europa? (Or Iapetus?)

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