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Comment Re:Facebook, google invented little (Score 1) 307

*Voluntary* charity was not considered a character flaw

Rand seemed to view the world in black and white terms, where, to use her words, selfishness is good and altruism is bad. I applaud her for being a strong voice that what people do should be voluntary, but that doesn't mean we need a moral case against wanting to do things for other people.

Comment Re:Is Loon not innovative? (Score 1) 307

People connect to the balloon network using a special Internet antenna attached to their building. The signal bounces from balloon to balloon, then to the global Internet back on Earth.

Interesting, although I wonder what the latency will be like. Although I guess if it's meant for off-the-grid places then better that than nothing?

Comment Re:Modern Jesus (Score 1) 860

He's spent years researching the problem in his capacity as a constitutional law professor and he proposes a very specific solution which has been demonstrated to work well in other western democracies.

What, public financing of candidates? Sorry, no sale. And he wants to get there by holding a second constitutional convention, which has the potential to be a complete disaster since too many people naively believe government should do more rather than less.

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