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Comment Re:Ending tax evasion (Score 2) 691

The US federal government is constitutionally restricted from anything that can't be interpreted as an income tax (so my VAT suggestion fails as well).

No it's not. The 16th amendment authorized an income tax, but it's not like the feds subsisted off donations before that. Besides, when was the last time the federal government was meaningfully constrained by the limitations supposedly imposed on it by the constitution?

Comment They're called "flipped classrooms" (Score 2) 59

Trying going to university and changing the way they do things, putting courses online or REALLY being innovative about how people learn and interact. I did in 1999. They took me apart- kicked me out of labs, literally hounded me out of school. My sin? I wanted to pout all my major's courses online so that profs wouldn't have to teach them over and over again and people could spend classrom time asking custom questions, which themselves would be recorded for posterity.

If it makes you feel better, in the years since you left the process you're describing has become a major educational trend. And I agree it's an interesting model.

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