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Comment Re: LibreOffice & Apache OpenOffice merge (Score 1, Offtopic) 157

I don't know if it's "crashes everything" more often, or if it's usually just silly QA things where things are just not seamless, and malfunction in an inconvenient way that gets in the way of productivity. But broadly speaking I have to agree with you, and I say that as someone who's used Linux on the desktop for several years and no interest whatsoever in switching back to Windows.

Comment Re: LibreOffice & Apache OpenOffice merge (Score 3, Insightful) 157

Isn't it great that we have 300 different Linux distros? I bet that's why it was so successful with desktop consumers (in confusing them I mean).

Yes, it is great that we have so many choices. The problem getting Linux onto most users' desktops hasn't been that there are so many options. Usually when it comes to "Linux on the Desktop!!!!" there's only been one main distro getting buzz at a time, most recently Ubuntu but going back at least as far as Caldera back in the late '90s. So I don't think brand confusion is the issue here.

Comment Re:Yeah give them away! (Score 2) 391

I don't see how a firesale would harm their chances of that. If anything, it would get products with their brand into people's hands, so that (unless it sucks) they might become known as a brand whose products in that space are worth consideration.

I mean, right now they just look like their standing there with their dicks hanging out. They don't have much to lose here.

Comment My site was DMCA'ed (Score 1) 213

My personal site used to come up as the top hit for a Google search for "Steve Foerster" (with quotes). Now it's not there at all, because someone sent Google a DMCA takedown notice. Evidently the WordPress theme I used had an image in it that its designed had cribbed from someone's photobucket account, or something like that. I changed the theme, and one of these days will get around to sending Google a challenge notice. But what a mess -- if the copyright holder had simply told me, which would have taken no more effort and probably less, I'd have changed the theme.

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