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Comment Re:Uncharacteristically Stupid (Score 3, Interesting) 211

Ayatollah Khomeini: "We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let Iran burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world"

There is a difference between rational countries having the bomb and countries run by Islamic fanatics having the bomb.

Comment Re:An Important Inaccuracy (Score 1) 160

This is inaccurate. The main focus of the PAC is on guest workers, not immigrants.

If by "guest workers" you mean all H-1Bs, then you should understand that for many people this is, effectively, the only viable path to green card and citizenship, so they're guest workers in name only (and, coincidentally, handling this is precisely why H-1B is considered a "dual intent" visa).

I can't say for Facebook specifically, but if they're anything like Google and Microsoft in that regard (and I would expect that to be the case), then they sponsor all their H-1B employees for green cards as soon as they're eligible. In which case their stance would be very much pro-immigration in practice.

Comment Re:Borg Immigration (Score 1) 160

This suggests that all cultural distinctiveness will be lost and you have to become just like everyone else - it's the Borg approach to immigration. Not sure why you would want to be so proud of that

Because it's the only solution that works long-term.

(I am an immigrant in US, so I would dare say that I have the moral right to judge.)

Comment Re:Yet another great argument... (Score 1) 402

It varies from company to company. Google, Apple and Microsoft all sponsor their H-1Bs for green cards pretty much indiscriminately. I work at MS as an H-1B with a green card application in progress. I know many other people, most at MS, others now at other companies, who are also here on H-1B; every single one of them has been sponsored for a green card (and some have already got theirs).

Comment Re:Yet another great argument... (Score 2) 402

They're not indentured servants, since they can leave the job (and the country) at any time.

The reason why the system is flawed has nothing to do with slavery. It's because employers are, essentially, allowed to bargain from a different position with H-1Bs compared to citizens. Because the former don't hold citizenship, the promise of sponsoring their green card essentially becomes the part of their compensation, and they will agree to less pay etc relative to someone who is already a citizen. And because the green card process requires them to hold the same job for most of its duration, H-1Bs are incentivized to tolerate more employer abuse than a citizen would. This is not "indentured servitude"; it's just what you get when you have something valuable that some people get for free at birth and others don't. To fix this, you need to make citizenship easier to get, preferably without involving employers at all.

Comment Re:3rd Gen Valley Native here (Score 1) 395

Where was this? It certainly wasn't NYC proper, since 1) you can't own a shotgun there, I'm fairly sure, and 2) people in NYC aren't in unions, unless they're tradespeople--Wall Street brokers and web developers certainly aren't in any unions, and 3) NYC has been electing Republican mayors for over a decade now. Anyway, NYC is nothing like the rest of NY state; it really should be its own state. From what I've heard, much of upstate NY is actually quite rural. Finally, I doubt many people in NYC know their neighbors.

Comment Re:Weekly/Monthly Salary (Score 1) 1103

Don't be ridiculous: why would Paypal not be considered acceptable? Ebay (which owns Paypal) is a huge, multibillion dollar company now, and Paypal already sends reports on you to the IRS if you exceed $20k in transactions per year.

Your post sounds idiotic, BTW? When have "liberals" ever restructured any system in recent memory, in a way that hurt that system? Why would Congress restructure the banking system, when the banking system OWNS Congress (what do you think that bail-out was?). If you're referring to ObamaCare, you're an even bigger idiot: ObamaCare was a giant boon to the insurance industry that did nothing to lower costs, and a lot to increase the profitability of the insurance companies.

You sound like one of those morons who thinks the Democrats are "liberals", rather than being in bed with large corporations.

Comment Infosys will always do a lowball bid. (Score 4, Informative) 402

They know the spec game inside out, right side left and top side down. They will implement a totally useless piece of software and when you complain they will insist they have implemented exactly what was in the original contract. That archaic grammar book by Wren and Martin is God's gift to them. They will endlessly argue what is meant by "shall" and "may" and "will". Most high school teachers in India still swear by this book as the ultimate authority in English grammar. So you will be forced to amend and correct the original specs. That will trigger all sorts of revised estimates and revised costs, and by the time you are done, you would have spent about 50% more than your highest bidder, taken twice as long, and gotten yourself software that does 50% of what you want, and probably 75% of what you wrote in the spec sheet but 100% of exactly what is in the spec sheet according to Messrs Wren and Martin as interpreted by Infosys.

Comment Wonder if they eat their own dog food? (Score 1) 90

Were they testing the "facial expression recognizing software" by training the camera on themselves as they were developing the software?

One of my friends did his masters thesis project in code quality metrics. As part of it he wrote some code that will find the average LOC per function, code/comment ratio etc etc and spit out a letter grade. His thesis guru was a fiend. He fed the source code of this analysis code into itself. Poor guy graded himself a C-minus or something.

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