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Comment He probably just got sick of the crap.. (Score 1) 70

Put your self in his position..
You have been with MS for 24 years.. you pull down roughly 8.5 mill a year with pay and stock options
He probably has a nice pile of cash and stock to last him a lifetime or two.

The stress may be higher than the rewards and you got that last major release off your solders.

Time to step back, have fun with the family and find a new direction.

Comment Re:Good old fashioned IT management (Score 1) 226

More likely is that it's been a revolving budget request from IT for years and years but upper management keeps pushing it down the list to fund high visibility pet projects to pad their resumes with.

Only when the shit hits the fan to these low profile projects get funding and suddenly need to be done ASAP without any proper selection process.
The bid ends up not with the best product but in the hands of the sales drone the boos is cozy with.

The lesson here is.. If you have an important project that keeps getting kicked down the road be prepared.. Have your selection and proposed budget done and ready to roll so when the boss runs in asking for ideas you cover his ass you have something to hand them.

Comment First commercial flight? (Score 1) 317

I find this odd because last month there was one sitting at the terminal in Phoenix as we pulled in.
Our pilot was on the intercom telling everyone to look out the window at it.

Maybe it was on a test run and not a regular commercial flight.

Comment Re:Eh (Score 1) 866

I don't think remembering exact details decades later is the point of HS science classes..

The point is to let you know what is possible and if needed years later you can look up the details because you know where to start looking.
If it grabs your interest and you make a carrier of it great!

Chemistry.. you learned about acids and bases right? Maybe next time the batteries in your kids favorite toy leak all over the battery compartment you'll remember Alkaline is a base and some vinegar (a weak acid) will neutralize and clean that crap right up.. Toy works. Kids is happy and maybe learned something.. Yeah Chemistry!

Comment Jump ahead 100 years to gather (Score 1) 658

My theory on time travel isn't all the exciting.. I believe that you are forever bound to your timeline.. You are stuck with the life you observe. You can travel to the past all you want but anything you do there has already happened. Try to change a historical event? you'll find you were a part of it all along. The past is fixed and unchangeable.
Going forward is follows the same path.. The future you see is yours.. If you managed to retrieve information from the future and use it the future you see will be the result of those actions.

Now I'm not dismissing the diverging timelines/ infinite parallel universe theory. I'm just saying you are rather stuck in your time line.. Moving forward and back within your track will be trivial compared to the energy needed to move out of your universe and into a parallel one. Conversation of energy might imply that to move mass into another universe would require the transfer of equivalent energy into the source universe to replace the now missing mass. Moving 1 gram would be like setting off the fat man bomb in the source universe.

Comment Re:Transmission? (Score 1) 331

Because it's a front wheel drive car it's much less work to bolt the electric motor to the stock transaxle than to build your own single speed unit.

Had they used a RWD car to start with they could have eliminated the transmission without much work..

Honestly I think the ultimate solution is 2 or 4 independent brushless wheel motors. Eliminate most of the drive train components.

Comment Re:What's the big deal? (Score 1) 267

I'm in the same camp.. I can't stand left handed mice. Back in the 80s my dad got me a leftie mouse when I was getting into CAD. I tried it but I couldn't stand it. I was much happier with the right mouse because I was better at typing with my left so I could easily mouse and type at the same time.
When I was doing desktop support I sometime run across the lefties with the mouse buttons reversed too. Those folks will really slow you down.


Submission + - Oracle Software Glitch Mars Semester's Start for Washington State University (pcworld.com)

Pontiac writes: PCWord reports that the first week of class at Washington State University has been a tumultuous one for students and parents who depend on financial aid, due to a software glitch in a recently installed Oracle PeopleSoft system.

The problems stem from communication issues between the software's student financials and financial aid modules, said Casey Hanson, director of new media and communications for WSU Information Services, in an interview Thursday.
Technicians are still working on the problem, Hanson said. The issues can also be attributed to the learning curve students and parents are facing while learning to use the system and its new processes, Hanson added.


Submission + - Iran to Ban Women from Science and Engineering Classes (telegraph.co.uk)

jasper160 writes: An August 20th, 2012 announcement from Iran places restrictions on female university students. Iran will be cutting 77 fields of study from the female curriculum, making them male-only fields. Science and engineering are among those affected by the decree. The announcement came soon after the release of statistics showing that women were graduating in far higher numbers than men from Iranian universities and were scoring overall better than men, especially in the sciences.

Senior clerics in Iran's theocratic regime have become concerned about the social side-effects of rising educational standards among women.

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