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Comment Low cost Option LePan TC970 (Score 1) 356

We got sick of the kids fighting over the iPad so we looked for a cheap alternative we could let the kids abuse.

We picked up the TC970 for $199 from New Egg.. So far it's been a good little tablet..
It runs Andoid 2.2, 32 gig micro SD card slot, Wifi works well but does not support 5ghz N. (the ipad doesn't either ) 8 hour battery life, decent 9.7" touch screen but the iPad is better.. Downside, it's not upgradable to 2.3 or 2.4. Had some initial lockup issues but it was corrected with a firmware upgrade.

For what the kids do (netflix, angry birds, kids apps, kindle reader) it's great..

Comment Windows Phone 7 need to be more open.. (Score 4, Informative) 397

I tested a windows phone 7 device for my company..

We don't allow storage of corporate data on 3rd party servers so right off the bat it's web based storage system was useless..
The OS offers no USB storage options and no removable SD cards.
It had no way to upload videos from the phone other then tethering it to PC and using the MS Zune app to download the off the phone.

Overall we found the OS to be to restrictive for our needs and standardized on Android based phones.

Comment Re:RAM's cheap (Score 5, Insightful) 543

$160 is not cheap...It's pretty affordable if you have plenty of disposable income, but it is by no means cheap. That's over a week's worth of food for me.

No it's cheep.. Heck I feed 5 people on $200 a week but that isn't why I think it's cheep.

Us old timers are a little warped by experience.. I remember paying $160 for 16 megs.. WOW That was all the PC could take back then..

I worked for Intel labs back in 2001.. We were building up a 4 proc Itanium box and set that thing up with 64 gigs of memory.. Those 1 gig sticks were $4,000 a pop.. We loaded up a quarter million dollars of memory that day..

So. $160 for 16 gigs.. Dirt cheep!!!

Comment What no Belkin option? (Score 1) 322

Kidding!! You would have to beat me senseless with a Belkin router to get me to use one..

Up until about 2 months ago I was still running a couple bridged WRT54G's running DDWRT..
Then the crappy Cable co provided DLink 614 cable modem took a dump.
I said screw it and bought a Netgar WNDR3400 and a Moto DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem.

Nice setup with a much stronger signal than the WRT54G's could muster.

The 54G's didn't get to retire though.. Now they serve as client bridges for my BlueRay and Laser printer.

Comment Re:Common Sense, anyone? (Score 1) 788

Same in Denmark. Public health care sucks, but it's there, if you have something non life threatening you are in for a bit of a wait. Life threatening stuff will get you through faster.

We have the option of doing private health care, a lot of business are now providing their work force with that since a sick employee doesn't produce anything.

It sucks for you if you break you foot (2 month wait time for orthopedic consultancy, which is more than the healing time - been there) and aren't covered for private, but on the other hand, get involved in an accident and you will be patched up and sent on your way for free.

Yes because the American system gets you in so much faster

Lets see. 1 month to see the dentist to get a broken crown replaced.
Need to see your family Dr.. 4-6 week waiting list..
My insurance only has 1 dermatologist covered in my area.. He has a 6 month waiting list.
When I broke my Ankle it was 6 weeks before they could get me in for surgery..

Comment Love my laser printers (Score 1) 310

Over the last 17 years I have owned 3 laser printers..
My Dad still has the old HP 4P in service.. Slow but reliable..
I retired the IBM 10 because it was a hot slow power sucking low res pig.. (hey it was free with a fresh 9,000 page cartridge in it)
I'm currently on a Oki C5200N color laser with about 8,000 pages on it.

They just keep working unlike any Inkjet I have ever owned..

The only down side I have ever has was trying to find a black toner cartridge for the Oki over the weekend.
Hit 6 stores before I found one.. I only buy toner ever 2-3 years so it's not like I keep a stockpile of em.

Comment I didn't get Blue-Ray for the picture quality (Score 1) 1162

We got a Blue Ray on a black Friday sale for $99.

I didn't get it for picture, enhanced features or really anything to do with the blue ray player part..

I got it because its a nice streaming media player with native HDMI, firmware upgradable and I could easily hook up to my TV.
It replaced the old DVD and streaming PC in the cabinet cutting down on heat, power and the number of remotes laying around.

The fact that it plays Blue-Ray disks is a bonus but DVD's still rule the house.. I can't play Blue Ray on the 5 PC's, kids basement TV or in the car player..

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