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Comment Re:A large segment of the market is not using the (Score 1) 419

Our kids almost never come to the living room (really it's sometimes an issue that they won't leave their rooms)
They all have a PC or laptop and a profile on our netflix account. The teen mostly uses his X box and we have an Ipad that sees heavy use by our youngest when he's not fully engaged in Minecraft.

Comment Re:does everyone REALLY have IP-connected TV? (Score 1) 419

have people really moved on that quickly that everyone today has an IP-connected TV in their living room with which to watch films?

A Roku 3 is only $99. It's not like I have a huge investment going on here.

I saved more than that after the first 2 months without a Dish or cable TV bill even after bumping up to a 30mb plan with my ISP.
We regularly have 4-5 devices streaming at any one time (kids and all) with no performance issues.

I''m not just watching films.. most of your syndicated TV shows are on Netflix and if you absolutely need to see the latest Walking Dead it's $2 an episode on Amazon video.

Comment Re:Isn't the loss of arms manufacturing a good thi (Score 1) 341

Lockheed does many more things that just build weapons.

They also build communication satellites, provide IT services for both military and civilian government and Healthcare
Well you could look for your self I guess.

Those 3,000 could be any employee assigned to a non essential position on an of dozens of federal contracts. not related to weapons.

Comment Re:The benefit is in custom parts (Score 1) 322

I have to agree here.. I plan to get a 3d printer but it's primary function will be to produce plugs for composite molding projects and possible hollow/honeycomb shells to use as fillers in hard to reach sections of a composite layup where vacuum bagging or inflation bladders would not be practical.

Comment Re:Ah... Telsa misses the point again. (Score 1) 700

What's needed is a standard battery pack - when its empty you turn up at a service station and some sort of automated forklift system unhooks the flat battery and slots in a freshly charged one. The system then checks the battery's built in status indicator and works out how much you owe based on remaining charge level and the amount of 'wear' on the battery since it was last changed. Solves the slow recharge problem, and also allows you to spread the cost of the battery pack over time.

(Basically, the business model used for propane tanks for boats & camping - you don't sit around at the store while they refill your tank).

I'm sorry but I don't want the business model for Propane.. If you like paying double the price for a 3/4 full bottle of propane go right ahead..
I can wait 5-10 minutes for a full tank for much less $$.

You are missing the point anyway.. It's a trade off. You trade spending $5-75 for a tank of gas and quick easy refills for spending $10 in electricity for a full range charge and planning you trip a little more. This isn't the kids of car you plan long cross country tips in anyway. (Well until the infrastructure is there). This is the one you drive every day to work and the grocery store.

Comment Re:MS's gaming strategy has been weird for years (Score 1) 404

I've not understood MS's strategy around gaming for years now. Don't get me wrong, I owned an original Xbox and liked it, I own a 360 now and like it a lot - but I've never understood why MS would choose to move into the console market.

Maybe because someone at MS realized the console is the gateway to your TV. The console isn't just about games anymore
People are moving away from cable to streaming services and the console is the perfect platform to own that market.
I have an Xbox, Wii and a Blu-Ray player at home that spend more time streaming netflix and amazon video then anything else.
We dropped Dish and put some the $$ saved into a faster internet service.

Lets face it. The streaming TV market is an open field. No one device is dominating.
Amazon Instant video, Netflix, Hulu already play on Xbox.

The next gen X-box 720 is rumored to have Blu-ray and DVR capability.

Nintendo missed a chance and didn't give the WII U even DVD playback.

Apple and Google missed by making their devices streaming only..
The last thing I want is another device and another remote to loose.

I want one box to run it all..

Comment He probably just got sick of the crap.. (Score 1) 70

Put your self in his position..
You have been with MS for 24 years.. you pull down roughly 8.5 mill a year with pay and stock options
He probably has a nice pile of cash and stock to last him a lifetime or two.

The stress may be higher than the rewards and you got that last major release off your solders.

Time to step back, have fun with the family and find a new direction.

Comment Re:Good old fashioned IT management (Score 1) 226

More likely is that it's been a revolving budget request from IT for years and years but upper management keeps pushing it down the list to fund high visibility pet projects to pad their resumes with.

Only when the shit hits the fan to these low profile projects get funding and suddenly need to be done ASAP without any proper selection process.
The bid ends up not with the best product but in the hands of the sales drone the boos is cozy with.

The lesson here is.. If you have an important project that keeps getting kicked down the road be prepared.. Have your selection and proposed budget done and ready to roll so when the boss runs in asking for ideas you cover his ass you have something to hand them.

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