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Comment There is a very good reason they're doing this (Score 2, Insightful) 539

I know exactly why your hosting provider needs your root password - that's because it's absolutely impossible to tell whats wrong with your server without a valid login, preferably root. If your machines aren't showing orange hardware failure lights, and you have no proof or data on a networking outage, then it's 90% sure to be an issue with the software on your machine. Since it's the most likely problem, it's unreasonable to expect your hosting provider to immediately spend a lot of time investigating the last 10%. You have two options (three actually): 1) Provide a root login 2) fix it yourself (this may require going to the datacenter in person) 3) see if they can work with an account with limited priviledges (it must be able to read logs and see all processes at the least). You also might want to try posting on serverfault - I can't comment on the technical end as you've supplied no detail Actually the support staff would probably be happiest if you fixed it yourself. In addition, have you considered that they may have brought down your machine or machines, to run memtest86+ or the like? Are you *sure* they rooted it? My only advice is to see if they'll accept a limited account (that can go through logs and see all the running processes).

Huge Arctic Ice Shelf Breaks Off 736

knarfling writes "CNN is reporting that a chunk of ice shelf nearly the size of Manhattan has broken away from Ellesmere Island in Canada's northern Arctic. Just last month 21 square miles of ice broke free from the Markham Ice Shelf. Scientists are saying that Ellesmere Island has now lost more than 10 times the ice that was predicted earlier this summer. How long before the fabled Northwest Passage is a reality?"

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