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Comment Re:woosh (Score 1) 255

Those government people probably can't connect to the net at all without their kids help. They would have to ask the ISPs to do the rewrite just like they had to ask the ISPs to handle the actual blocking. But to do that, they'd have to tacitly admit that there was an element of the dirty secret about what's being blocked.

Comment Re:Consciousness is a network effect (Score 1) 151

I once had the interesting experience of waking up except for my auditory cortex. I could hear but couldn't make any sense of it. It sounded like a bizarre mashup of sounds from a cartoon. A few seconds later, as I was pouring my coffee, I realized it was the neighbor's dog barking and it suddenly sounded perfectly normal.

There are all sorts of states between asleep and awake. Some of them generate memories, others don't.

Comment Re:Return of the acoustic modem (Score 3) 180

Sit down right here sonney and let me tell you a story :-)

In the days of 300-1200 baud modems, the modem sat on a desk connected to the terminal (usually) by a serial cable. There were indeed blinkinlights on the front. Some terminals had the modem built-in on top, but you still had the blinkenlights. You would pick up the phone, dial it (and it WAS often a rotary phone) and when you heard the squeel, you shoved the handset into the rubber cups on top of the modem and watch the blinkinlights to see if it made a good connection.

Comment Re:Terri Schiavo, what? (Score 1) 151

Exactly. It can only determine the current condition, it cannot indicate if later consciousness if possible or likely. In Schiavo, there was no need for the device, the answer was medically obvious.

It looks like it will be a useful tool, but it wouldn't have helped that particular case unless it was used on the politicians that turned a family feud and a medical decision into a political football.

Comment Re:Meritocracy is now a problem? (Score 1) 372

So you just hates it when working class stiffs get enough power to get a decent pension?

You say everyone should just hop on the bus, but it'll sure suck when the whole place burns down because the garbage piled up (no garbage men) then caught fire (no firemen) and nobody could even organize the evacuation (no policemen). Of course they might not notice if they starve first (no cooks, waiters, truckers, farmers, etc).

Consider, in the ULTIMATE unregulated society (that you seem to want) the non-tech resident's most rational move would be to burn the tech companies out and shoot to kill.

Personally, I'd rather it not come to that.

Comment Re:Out of Body? (Score 1) 351

Except that generally when the report is written off as hallucination, it is intended to mean wholly made uop of internas stimulus rather than as a mis-perception or (more properly) an altered perception of external stimuli.

Hallucination: You see a man that isn't there. Mis-perception: you see an odd shaped tree and briefly mistake it for a man. Altered perception: You hear a man talking and think you can see him in the distance but you're really seeing grass in the breeze (but there is a man there, talking).

In the latter case, it would be improper (and incorrect) to conclude it was just a hallucination and there is no man. In the second, it would be incorrect to conclude it was just a hallucination and there is nothing there (there IS something there, it's just not a man).

But if you want to be a true believer and call it science, you are free to do so but I am not obligated to accept your definition.

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