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Comment Re:Grammar Nazi Me (Score 1) 81

At last.... thanks.

>>>First paragraph: "each author brings their own unique insights" should be "each author brings his or her own unique insights."

that is being picky.

>>>Fourth paragraph: "in defense to how security is often perceived" should be "in defense against how security is often perceived."

also picky.

>>>>Sixth paragraph: "online-advertising" should be "online advertising."


>>>Eighth paragraph: "Chapter 7 is about the PGP" should be "Chapter 7 is about PGP."

At last, a REAL error.

>>>In "web of trust model, and recent enhancements bring PGP's web of trust up to date" the comma should be removed and "bring" should be changed to "bringing."


>>>Tenth paragraph: "a fascinating an enjoyable read" should be "a fascinating and enjoyable read."

wow, a real mistake!

>>>Eleventh paragraph: In "It is a good book for those whose who think information security" the word "whose" should be removed.

Terrible error!

>>>There you go :)


Oh, one last thing, this is /.

No one is that picky.

But am glad we have people like you.


Comment Re:Grammar Nazi Me (Score 1) 81

>>>Few spelling or grammar mistakes, though they were fairly noticeable and detracted from the tone of the piece.

Beside a missing space, could not find any of the glaring spelling or grammar mistakes. Can you point them out?

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