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Comment Re:Rubbing wet sticks together to create a fire (Score 1) 545

but instead office workers at the firm and bank(s). So they are hassling people that have nothing to do directly with the MPAA/RIAA/etc.

Admittedly, this is not the issue, but this is still the people who will keep the money you pay on Wednesday until Monday before passing it on to the company you paid the bill to. And this is the computer age ...

A financial revolution is long overdue.

Comment Re:text (Score 2, Informative) 545

It IS that exploitable, I once paid a bill twice and a few weeks later I received a cash order for the amount I paid (once). I'm not sure if the lawyer's firm has these routines, but most big companies in Sweden will keep track of bills paid and if they receive payment with an ID that's already paid (OCR-nubmer, as it's called in Swedish), they will send a cash order for the amount.

Comment Re:Dangerous Precedent (Score 1) 653

IMNAL- But, I was looking and frightened by this. Due to imlications for future trials, like in a rape case. I can easily seeing this being used as proof to validate the facebook profile being used against the victim. Look- she said she was feeling sexy and horny- *that* made it consensual. And on her myspace page she talks about promiscuity.
Dangerous, Dangerous territory.

What if it actually was consensual? What if the "victim" was actually the man, falsely accused because the woman got pissed off at him later? If it's otherwise her word against his (which is skewed way in her favor nowadays), then that facebook profile might be the only thing that keeps an innocent guy from getting his life ruined.

Dude ... the reason it's so often a word-against-word case is because most rape victims tend to get home as fast as they can, take a loooong shower and often throwing away or maybe even burning the clothes they wore. If it goes as far as trial (which it usually doesn't), it's often described as a second rape, with the defense attorney doing his/her best to show that the accuser has a history of random sexual encounters and that the defendant could not have realised that it was not consentual. There's a crapload of books and reports based on court cases if you'd like to know what reality looks like.

I should know, since I'm a rapist. And as far as I know, the girl never even reported it to the police, because she just wanted to forget it ever happend. The "falsly accuse someone of rape to get revenge for something else" is just a myth, and one that continues to destroy their victims every day.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 165

many western countries nowadays equals the USA?

most european countries have no laws against nakedness as such, except if it is pornographic.

This might just be because we Swedes are prudes, but it is actually illegal to walk around naked in a public place here. I can't say what it's like in other European countries but I believe that public nudity is generally illegal, with special "nude beaches" and suchlike thrown in here and there.

Comment Re:USA is losing because we think we're winning (Score 1) 181

Basic human nature is to cooperate as long as it is in one's own best interests.

Some might say that, others will say that the psychological model used in free-market theories doesn't seem to reflect human behaviour (except upper management, but they've been diagnosed as psychopaths long ago, so ...).

Comment Re:Calling this "liquid wood" (Score 1) 226

So you are saying I should stop turning off my A/C and lights, since someone else would use that electricity anyways?

No they wouldn't. Aside from extracting electric energy from a reaction, one of the main differences between f. ex. a nuclear powerplant and a nuclear bomb is that we can control the speed of the reaction. This includes the option to produce less electricity when demand is lower (or when profits need to go up, but we can skip that for now).

Should I run my taps 24/7 as well, since someone else would be using that fresh water anyways?

No to this one as well, for pretty much the same reason. Water that doesn't get "used" stays in the pipes, so if you reduce your consumption then overall consumption drops as well.

What the parent means is that CO2 that is bound in trees will get released back into the atmosphere fairly soon after the tree dies even without human intervention, while the CO2 released
by burning oil/coal/gas would have remained bound for a long time if we hadn't extracted it.

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