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Comment So what? (Score 1, Interesting) 595

These ships are mostly out in the middle of nowhere...
I don't see half a million people hanging on the side of the boat sucking down exhaust.

I really don't understand why a lot of the attacks on emissions in the last 6 months or so, have been on diesel engines, which are usually the "greenest" form of ICE... extremely low greenhouse gas emissions for the energy produced (if you're the type that cares about that), and we can use so many fuel sources other than dinosaurs.

Let's try this...
Two identical cars, one diesel, one gasoline; both in a sealed garage for an hour.
I'll take the diesel.
I'll walk out with a bad cough for a week or so, and die at 89.5 instead of 90.
You won't walk out.

So again, other than some bureaucrat screaming, and counting on the "commoners" not having any sense of scale (let's face it, thousands, millions, billions... how is that different from "one, two, many"?) this is someone with a product to sell trying to guilt us into buying it.

Comment situations vs. rights (Score 1) 285

Rights must win, every time.
Freedom vs. safety,,, freedom... we are not guaranteed safety, we are guaranteed freedom.

Quote: Napalitano said it is wrong to believe that if security is embraced, liberty is sacrificed.
HER version of security, no; history of mankind, no...
This is not dogma, it's truth and history: Every time security is embraced, liberty IS sacrificed.

Every time someone tells you "we are under threat, you need to not do X"
That's when you need to say "NO. We are going to ignore you and double X."
THEY are the ones who are threatened, and they probably deserve it.

Fear is someone telling you, "don't step on a rusty nail".
Terror is, don't go outside without permission, because you might get tetanus and die.

Comment Re:I'm confused... (Score 1) 271

Here in Illinois, I can take the renewal form I get in the mail for my car's license plate to a kiosk, scan it, swipe my card, and get the sticker out of a laser printer in less than half a minute.
(Yeah, you get a form in the mail a couple of weeks later asking for your insurance info, BFD, another 30 seconds to make sure you know where your card is).
I never have to interact with a live human being, hell, in the Thompson Center basement, you don't actually even have to enter the DMV to do it.
I already have the big chunk of metal that moves at high velocities, and no one's been hurt by it; they just want their 454 grams of flesh.

It's the same thing here.
If their police didn't think it was safe for an individual to renew online, they would be asked to come on in someplace.

Comment Anecdote (Score 5, Interesting) 1123

If you ride the Amtrak Southwest Chief from LA to Chicago, and are a white/hispanic male in coach, you will be stopped in Albuquerque, and your belongings searched (because you're obviously smuggling meth).
I had recently, just before my trip, read a bit on slashdot about people being stopped in Amtrak terminals for taking pictures, and being an artist, was duely pissed at that.
At Albuquerque, there were a couple of rail cops who stopped all of the above mentioned groups coming off the train, I was respectful, addressed him as sir, kept my hands in plain sight...
so when the officer asked if I had any weapons, I jokingly said "just a camera"...
Spent the next 15 minutes handcuffed, sitting on a rail with his partner looking like he was ready to kick me in the teeth while the first officer meticulously went through my baggage.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a vid of that should have been worth a few million dollars.
Instead I'm left with a funny story to tell people one of the reasons when they ask, why I don't explicitly trust cops.
(I do know some good cops, lots of them, but there's always "that guy" that fucks it up for them).

Comment cost vs. time (Score 2, Interesting) 365

Cost vs. time... the eternal struggle.

For travelling in America, living in Chicago is great.
Out to 1000 or up to 1200 miles, I tend to go bus or train.
That'll get pretty much everything east of the Mississippi river, and out west to Denver...
At a time of 24 hours, max.
If you're also a looky-loo, like me, bring a fast camera; it's an amazing way to see the country, and meet some interesting people (moreso on the train, people talk to each other more on trains for some reason).
If you're not, bring a few books or an e-book reader.
If you're not in a terrible hurry, it can be a period of decompression, relaxation.

Anything beyond that 1000 to 1200 mile range,
and I either rent a car/motorcycle (Chicago through LA to San Diego is 32 hours, non-stop),
or fly...
Don't just look at the "cheap guys" (Southwest, etc)... I've gotten cheaper fairs on United between SAN and ORD.

Most of the time though, flying is transport, anything else is travel.

I've learned that sometimes speed between A and B is important; when it isn't, enjoy the ride.

Comment Summary needs remedial science. (Score 1) 243

Blowing it up in the area of geo-stationary orbit would be the most stupid thing to do.
"Have a nice new dark-age!"

We need a crash course:
make a probe with arms and an engine to get sent up, grab onto it, and take it down into the drink.

Yeah, harvesting this stuff would be better, but that ain't gonna happen.
Sure, you could have it bring dead sats to a landing vehicle to do reclamation,
but old owners who had written them off as dead would bitch for their bit,
and add in astro-preservationists... "it's a bit of space history, it HAS to stay up there".
(OK, for some early sats, fine; most of what's gone up in the last 30-40 years, probably not).

Comment Re:To paraphrase Star Wars... (Score 1) 394

Which brings up something I've been wondering about...

Who EXACTLY are the individuals pushing for this kind of stuff?

And why are they, their families, or "the help", allowed to buy food?

How many DVD-rippers, youtubers, and i-slaves get screwed by them, and then sell them a twinkie?
Many movements go after C-level executives over things their corps do,,,
Why haven't we in the common sense copyright group done so?
(As far as I can tell and as far as I care, according to the constitution and founding fathers, "common sense copyright" is 28 years from creation; hard limit, no extension, no transfers)... and yes, I am an artist (painter and musician).

You can say that things have changed since the 18th century, and this is true.
But the RIAA/MPAA/ringtoneAA/FartInTheKeyOfA-AA are out there trying to kill us.
That sounds extreme, but look at what kind of "damages" they ask for at trial.
Ask yourself, how is what they ask for in ANY way reasonable for an individual.

Truthfully, how different is a RI/MP-AA lawsuit different from someone trying to stab you in the neck?
And why should you be in any way limited from responding in kind to such a threat?

Sorry, but this kind of thing really gets my blood burning.
No one is out there pushing anything I've done but me.
If I don't get my art out there, it's no ones fault but my own.
If I can't sell it because people think it sucks; then I either need to find people who like bad art, adjust my marketing, or do better.
I can't just walk over to my congress-critter's office and demand that he make people buy my crap, nor should I be able to.

Comment Re:Here's a radical idea (Score 5, Insightful) 385

Not quite...
In Illinois, if you even want to TOUCH a gun, you need a FOID card (firearms owner ID).
In Chicago, all firearms must be registered, and no handguns can be registered after some date in 1982-ish (basically, you can have a shotgun or rifle, but can't own a pistol).
Open and concealed cary are basically banned in IL, unless you are retired police (in other words, Drew Peterson could conceal carry, but R. Lee Ermey couldn't).

All these restrictions are unconstitutional. Period.

I _DARE_ mayor Daley to produce copies of the perpetrators' FOID cards, and the registration of their firearms.
What's that? They don't have one?
Well, I for one am SHOCKED that someone who would shoot at another human being just because they felt like it, wouldn't at least make sure they could legally do so.
(Heavy sarcasm there).

As for the shotspotter system, I remember seeing examples of this about 12-15 years ago; it was highly touted for a bit, then kinda dissappeared...
It was combined with all the police cameras that were going up back then (just in bad neighborhoods, we swear... sorry, but now EVERY neighborhood is a bad one, so we need cameras everywhere).
The last part is not an exaggeration... next time you go through Chicago, look for little blue blinking LEDs on the lampposts... then ask yourself who won the cold war.

Comment Interoperability (Score 2, Informative) 99

That's the biggest problem I've seen.
There's no real e-standard for e-medical records.
This is mainly from friends with knowledge of Meditech and Epic, some of them from HIMSS level 6 institutions (it only goes to 7).
The systems might be able to talk to others of the same type (maybe, sometimes they don't), but so far, there's no real "medical record standard" that everyone can read.

Another added problem is actually DOING the e-record...
History, documentation, orders, verifying meds,,,
I've heard of widely varying times for these activities, anywhere from 20 to 60 min. on a new patient, all usually done by the RN on duty, typing away instead of actually attending to the patient directly.
Speed of completion is usually in relation of the RN's language skills relative to the patient (native english speaking RNs are usually the fastest, bi-lingual eng/spanish are almost always the exact same speed).

Comment so... (Score 1) 165

The WD green AF acts like A when not aligned, and B when aligned...
and the WD black is better than both for just a little more.

Probably better to skip Subway for lunch, make your own sandwiches for a week and get the WD black (or go for 2 weeks and get the RE3).

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